Ecosystem Kickstarter is a cardboard structure that fights soil erosion

Dutch designer Thom Bindels has developed Ecosystem Kickstarter, a honeycomb-shaped cardboard frame that can help small-scale farmers grow crops in degraded soil. The simple, modular, cardboard system, which was first presented at Dutch Design Week, is embedded in a slope of degraded earth and filled with local soil. This forms a terracing structure to prevent […]

The Object is Absent is a “less materialistic” design exhibition for an overcrowded world

The Object is Absent is a multi-strand installation that focuses on the designers’ bodies rather than the objects they create, to demonstrate a shift in the priorities for the next generation of makers. The exhibition at the MU Space in Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week brought together twenty projects across various different media, encompassing theatre, […]

Sun Lee reworks traditional Korean craft into clothes made from paper

South Korean designer Sun Lee has created a six-piece collection of clothing from traditional Korean paper which has been cut, torn and rolled by hand. Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Lee developed the fashion collection, called Consumption of Heritage, after seeing the amount of clothes waste thrown away at the end of every season. “This collection is based on […]

The Misused uses hardware in surprising ways to make household goods

Industrial design duo Liang-Jung Chen and Shuei-Yuan Yang create household objects by reimagining commonplace metal hardware items. Chen and Yang set up a pop-up store at this year’s Dutch Design Week, which saw them put a humorous spin on hardwares by altering and adapting them in inventive ways to function as household objects. The dish […]

Biobasecamp pavilion aims to demonstrate the potential of timber in architecture

A timber pavilion called Biobasecamp at Dutch Design Week brought together projects that demonstrate the potential of the “concrete of the future” to fight against climate change. Studio Marco Vermeulen built the wooden pavilion as a covered exhibition-space for a series of displays highlighting how timber can be used in bio-based architecture projects. Called Biobasecamp, the […]

Dutch Invertuals exhibition presents designers’ interpretations of “the circle”

Design collective Dutch Invertuals celebrates “the mother of all forms: the circle” with an exhibition of objects from fragmented mirrors to sculptural ceramics. The Circle exhibition was initiated earlier this year to mark the tenth anniversary of the experimental design network, and featured objects created by more than 20 designers and studios. These included a […]

Irakli Sabekia turns razor wire fence into radio transmitter

Designer Irakli Sabekia has developed a device that can turn the border fence between Russia and his native Georgia into a radio transmitter. Using the fence as an antennae, the specially tuned transmitter broadcasts the names and coordinates of villages that were erased during 2008’s Russo-Georgian War, in Morse code. “Stating the names of the cities, […]

Pavilion grown from mycelium acts as pop-up performance space at Dutch Design Week

The Growing Pavilion is a temporary events space at Dutch Design Week constructed with panels grown from mushroom mycelium supported on a timber frame. Designed by set designer and artist Pascal Leboucq in collaboration with Erik Klarenbeek‘s studio Krown Design, the temporary pavilion is made entirely from bio-based materials. The outer panels were grown from […]

Switching to timber could solve Dutch housing shortage and be “a chance for our climate”

The Netherlands could build a million new homes from sustainably harvested local wood and save 100 megatons of carbon in the process, according to architect Marco Vermeulen. The Dutch architect has calculated that the country’s 140,000 hectares of harvestable woodlands could provide enough timber for 22,000 houses each year. This means the country’s entire shortfall […]

Dutch Design Week exhibition explores “complex networks” of junk

Design Academy Eindhoven alumni studios look at the myriad consequences of junk in a globalised world in an exhibition at the Van Abbemuseum and across the city for Dutch Design Week. Geo-Design: Junk – All That Is Solid Melts Into Trash presents responses to the idea of junk from 18 design studios led by alumni […]

Dorian Renard blows plastic like glass for a collection that reconsiders the material’s value

French designer Dorian Renard has applied traditional glassblowing techniques to a series of plastic furniture and sculptural pieces, in a bid to present the maligned material in a new light. Each of the 14 items in the collection was created entirely from plastic sheets or tubes, which were melted and blown to create warped, undulating […]

Atelier NL creates benches from storm-felled trees for Dutch Design Week

Atelier NL has made a series of wooden benches from trees uprooted in a huge storm that hit Eindhoven earlier this year, to sit alongside objects made from wood at their studio. The Stormwood benches are made from timber slats cut from some of the nearly 1,000 trees felled during the storm that wrecked havoc […]

Watch our talk about architecture and the circular economy live from Dutch Design Week

Dezeen’s founder and editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs spoke to a panel of experts today in Eindhoven about the circular economy and architecture, as part of Dutch Design Week 2019. The panel included Overtreders W‘s co-founder Hester van Dijk, architect and author Thomas Rau and architect Marco Vermeulen. A circular economy is an economic model that minimises consumption, […]

Dezeen to hold circular architecture talk at Dutch Design Week 2019

Dezeen will host a panel discussion exploring the circular economy in architecture on Saturday 19 October during Dutch Design Week 2019 in Eindhoven. Hosted by Dezeen’s founder and editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs, the panel will include architect Marco Vermeulen, architect and author Thomas Rau and Hester van Dijk, co-founder of design agency Overtreders W . The […]

Dutch Design Week talk to explore sustainable materials including Decovery plant-based paint

Dezeen promotion: Decovery paint ingredient manufacturer DSM is hosting a talk at Dutch Design Week on the vital role that plant-based paint can play in making the whole design industry more environmentally friendly. Entitled Sustainable materials from start to finish, the talk will be hosted by Lawrence Theunissen, the team’s head of business development. It will focus on […]

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