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Book Online. Kristine S. Get ready for your first visit and complete our new patient forms in advance. Responses are measured on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best score.

Rock Hill South Carolina girls pleasure

Comments Comments are gathered from our Patient Satisfaction Survey and displayed in their entirety. Patients are de-identified for confidentiality and patient privacy. This was only my second visit, so I don't really know her well enough to answer some of the questions.

Rock Hill South Carolina girls pleasure

I am very satisfied with the care that I received. I was looking for a new dr since it is impossible to reach my old Dr's office and Dr McGruder had great reviews. I am glad that I chose her. She was friendly and listened to my concerns and provided the information that I needed.

I am very pleased with the overall experience from scheduling my appointment to the time I left the office. I have no complaints.

Rock Hill South Carolina girls pleasure

Everyone in the registration and checkout areas are so welcoming and have a "can do" attitude. It is always a pleasure and change of pace from so many other places where they are too busy to ease or calm the patient with this marvelous attitude.

I couldn't have asked for better. They always listen to you and put you at ease. McGruder listened and explained everything including what would be done in the near future. I was totally at ease with her warm manner and expertise. I am very satisfied with the Drs at Piedmont Family Practice. Being reased to Dr. McGruder was a perfect fit for me. Dr mcgruder is fairly punctual very attentive and listens to the issues and resolves them well. This is the first time I saw Dr. Kristine McGruder and I was very impressed with her knowledge and she listened to what I said.

Dr McGruder was very condescending and dismissive of my questions and line of thoughts. She seemed to know her medicine very well but has a very poor bedside manner. Her understanding of mental illness and how to interact with patients dealing with these issues was sadly lacking. I will be looking for a new primary care physician. She was professional and pleasant. She listened to my concerns. She was able to provide my refills with the appropriate tests to make sure they were still working and not causing harm. That was a great thing. Some patients do not have the same fiance as other.

I'm very thankful for dr. She listened to me and helped me and I'm very thankful that she is my family physician!! Note on door said if you had an appointment to call a given .

Rock Hill South Carolina girls pleasure

I called but phone was not answered. I did not realize the door was open I had checked it 10 minutes prior. I arrived 30 minutes early as instructed for new patient- was already checked in online so waited 20 minutes until my appointment and then 20 minutes before being seen - so 40 minutes of wait time.

It is always a pleasant experience when I come to the office. The entire staff is courteous and professional. I have a phobia of needles and the lab technicians are always patient abd caring. McGruder is wonderful. She is very thorough and shows a genuine concern for my well being. I love her! She does appear to be concerned in my well being.

I don't feel as if she pushes anything on me. I was nervous and she was wonderful. I did not get her name but she was wonderful. I embarrassed to learn at the check-in desk that I was supposed to have arrived 30 minutes early as a new patient this is my first time seeking out a new doctor by myself I'm not sure how I missed that information, but if the appointment was just reported to me as instead of there wouldn't have been any confusion. Just a thought. I look forward to future visits with Dr.

McGruder, she seems easy to trust and trustworthy. Having been late myself, it eased my conscious that Dr. McGruder was a few minutes late herself.

Rock Hill South Carolina girls pleasure

I know that doesn't seem like a positive, but it really was! I was surprised at the wait I understood after the dr explained the reason of being behind. She is thorough and very nice. I have never had a bad experience at this office. Very caring Doctors and staff. My family has been coming to your practice since we moved here from Buffalo, myself, husband and my 90year old mother-in-law. Dr Mengang was our Dr till she moved, did not want to change offices. Mcgruder was my choice. I was very happy with choosing her, never heard anything bad about her.

Glad I picked her. My experience was wonderful and informative. McGruder was very easy to talk to. The staff was extremely nice and courteous. They enforced social distancing and ensured that all patients had on proper face masks. This was not my first time at the office but it was my first time seeing Dr. She was knowledgeable about my condition and gave me sound advice on my condition. I called and got a same day appointment. I did not have to wait long and everything went very well.

I have been with my dr for over 20 years. I hate change. I am glad I am with here and I know they will take care of me for the next 20 plus years. She is amazing! I visited a different doctor down the street and she has zero concern for what i had to say.

Rock Hill South Carolina girls pleasure Rock Hill South Carolina girls pleasure

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