I m posting the truth do you want

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TV footages comparing the two events showed otherwise. In the Philippines, the same media phenomenon was happening.

I m posting the truth do you want

But here, the followers of presidential candidates divided themselves into sharply opposing camps. Each of them will tell you what is true! If we really have entered a post-truth era, as so many have written, what does that mean for the scholar and the student? Post-truth is backed up by paid and volunteer writers who keep watch on comments in social media. They dish out supportive statements, invent data and facts, and appeal to your emotions and feelings either negatively or positively, with all the venom and passion they can muster.

Media attention in recent years has equated trolling with online harassment. These trolls not only exist in social media like Twitter 4 and Facebook s. Though they often disagree in tone and tactics, members of the Alt Right are bound by a few core beliefs. They regard most Republican politicians as Zionist puppets, captive to corporations seeking cheap labour. They tend to be protectionist on trade, isolationist on foreign policy and unmoved by cornerstone conservative issues like free markets or the Constitution.

They reject the benefits of diversity and view demographic trends as an existential threat.

I m posting the truth do you want

One would think that with the advance of information technology, truth would be easy to come by. In fact the opposite is true. All data are available. Even false data presented convincingly as true. So, what is truth now? If there can be said to be an era in recent American history when the essence of truth was under critical scrutiny, it was the generation after Social scientists learned to grow much more self-critical about their methods.

I m posting the truth do you want

Anthropologists realized that I m posting the truth do you want could not write themselves out of their ethnographies. Historians learned that archives contained fictions as well as facts. The advent of the revolution in information technology has created a global village, 10 making the world and its parts more accessible to one another. Its new altar is the market, the world market. And its new idol is money and capital.

Globalization does not respect any national territory or boundary; it does not respect any culture or national identity. It has brought about the demise of the language of truth, love, justice and liberation in development discourse. For as long as the market and capital thrive.

Any opposition to this global control is met with force, all forms of force, such as outright violence and violencia blanca. In this sense, globalization has co-opted the gains and promises of the global village. Globalization needs, and needs to create and nurture, a global culture in order to be powerfully entrenched in nations, even if world poverty and hunger increase.

Post-modernism fits well into this new social arrangement obtaining in the world. Since few people trust their convictions or believe the world can change for the better, irony is the only option. This Postmodern culture is a happy bed for globalization. With the loss of universal values in favour of the particular, the old question: Is this good? When you advocate that, in order for communication right to be fulfilled, the rights to access to communication technology should be equally exercised by all, especially by the poor and the indigenous peoples, who will go with you when communication technology is owned by a globalized few and sold to the majority?

How is it different from fact, or from reasoned fact or from a summary of a concatenation of facts, when in fact everyone is entitled to his own opinion? Indeed, Facebook has attempted to operate a fake news filter in time for the German elections:. However, that election was hounded by a slew of fake and unreliable news which greatly misinformed the voting public.

With the federal elections looming in Germany, Facebook will try to live up to its promise of eradicating hoaxes once and for all, by rolling out its fake news filter in the country. As announced ly, Facebook would also warn users before they share a fake news story, while also reducing the online visibility of disputed materials by making them appear lower in the news feed. In that all-rounded conversation, they might be able to articulate a new way of Truthing, and, for the sake of communication rights as fundamental human rights, a new Ethic in the Cyberworld for the real world.

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I m posting the truth do you want

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