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We are live in the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. President Biden is just four weeks into his presidency and facing multiple crises: nearlyof our fellow citizens — Americans — have died from COVID, millions out of work right now, and a nation dangerously divided. The President will be answering questions from the American people on his first official trip since taking office.

Some of the questioners here voted for him. Some did not. The President and I will not be wearing masks on this stage. He, of course, has been vaccinated. Over the past several weeks, I have repeatedly tested negative for coronavirus — as recently as yesterday and this morning as well. Hey, folks. How are you? Good to be back, man. So we got a lot of questions in the audience.

We have about 50 or so people here. We have some folks who voted for you, some folks who did not. Before we get to that, I just want to start with a couple of just big-picture questions about the pandemic and where we are right now.

Handsome english caucasian company tonight

When is every American who wants it going to be able to get a vaccine? We have — we came into office, there was only 50 million doses that were available. Because Dr. Fauci —. I mean, there was nothing in the refrigerator, figuratively and literally speaking, and there were 10 million doses a day that were available.

So you need the paraphernalia.

Handsome english caucasian company tonight

You need the needle, and you need mechanisms to be able to get it in. We have over 1, military personnel. So we have ificant of vaccinators — people who would actually be there. As a parent of four children, I find it imperative that they get back to school as safely as possible. I really mean it. And, by the way, the loss of being able to be in school is having ificant impact on the children and parents as well. And so, what we found out is, there are certain things that make it rational and easy to go back to the brick-and-mortar building.

Instead of a classroom of 30 kids in it, you have three classes and that same — of 10 kids each in those. We should move them up in the hierarchy as well. COOPER: Well, let me ask you, you — your administration had set a goal to open the majority of schools in your first days. There was a mistake in the communication. The goal will be five days a week. Justin, thanks for being with us. Thank you, Mr. So along the same lines of schools, so this great debate on when to transition to in-person learning: While there are numerous warnings not to be Handsome english caucasian company tonight large groups or to have dinner parties or small parties, why is it okay to put students and teachers in close proximity to each other for an entire day, day after day?

With large class sizes and outdated ventilation systems, how and when do you propose this to occur? And finally, do you believe all staff should be vaccinated before doing so? And I think the teachers and the folks who work in the school — the cafeteria workers and others — should be on the list of preferred to get a vaccination. Our year-old son was diagnosed with pediatric COPD at the age of He does all he can to protect himself.

I hear of others who are less vulnerable getting it based on far less. Do you have a plan to vaccinate those who are most vulnerable sooner, to give them a priority? I can make recommendations, and for federal programs, I can do that as President of the United States.

That would be a big deal —. Once that happens, given the urgency of these variants, and the potential threat from them, should states stop giving priority to certain groups and just open vaccine access for everyone? I think there still should be priority groups in case there are not enough for everyone, every- — available to everybody. So if you can get a vaccination, get it whenever you can get it, regardless of the other strains that are out there. There are studies going on to determine it is not only more communicable, but are there vaccine — do the vaccines not provide helpful protection by getting the vaccine.

There are some speculation. It may be that a certain vaccination for a certain strain may reduce from 95 percent to a lower percentage of certainty that it will keep you from getting —. Get the vaccine. Doctors let you live, nurses make you want to live. I can tell you as a consumer Handsome english caucasian company tonight healthcare — my family. Thank you for what you do.

President, hello.

Handsome english caucasian company tonight

My name is Dr. Dessie Levy. And my question to you is: Considering COVID and its ificant impact on black Americans, especially here in Milwaukee, and thus the exacerbation of our racial disparities in healthcare, we have seen less than 3 percent of blacks and less than 5 percent of Hispanics, given the total of vaccines that have been administered to this point. Is this a priority for the Biden administration? And how will the disparities be addressed? one, there is some history of blacks being used as guinea pigs and other experiments — I need not tell you, Doctor — over the last 50 to 75 to years in America.

But the biggest part of it is access — physical access. That is also now being opened. Because it has been incredibly confusing for a lot of people, not just —. And I have. I mean that sincerely. And you and I talked about this during the campaign. This is Jessica Salas. My children, Layla — eight, here — and my son Handsome english caucasian company tonight — seven, at home — often ask if they will catch COVID, and if they do, will they die. They are watching as others get the vaccine, and they would like to know when will kids be able to get the vaccine.

Beautiful name. I promise you. Are you in first grade, second grade? Second grade. Well, has your school — have you been in school, honey? And so what a lot of kids — and I mean — and big people too, older people — they just — their whole lives have, sort of, changed, like when it used to be.

Handsome english caucasian company tonight

And now, when things change, people get really worried and scared. When do you think this pandemic is — I mean, when are we — when is it going to be done? When are we going to get back to normal? I get that. I told you when I ran and when I got elected: I will always level with you.

It matters whether you continue to wear that mask. It matters whether you continue to socially distance. It matters whether you wash your hands with hot water. It — those things matter.

Handsome english caucasian company tonight

They matter. Now is the time we should be spending. Now is the time to go big. We thought we needed more than that.

Handsome english caucasian company tonight

And we think we did. We got — we were — it ended up working, but it slowed things up by about — and it, depending who you talked to — between six months and a year and a half. We can come back — we can come roaring back.

Handsome english caucasian company tonight

Seven million jobs this year. Well, the fact is that the economy now has to be dealt with. And what is — look at all the people. You have over 10 million people unemployed.

Handsome english caucasian company tonight

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