Guitarist seeking his Orange girl

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Regardless of his celebrity status, Elvis was a fascinating man with unusual interests. From the funny way he drank his coffee to the inspiration behind his iconic look, Elvis Presley has many aspects worth knowing, especially for you super-fans.

Guitarist seeking his Orange girl

Yes, the king had a twin brother named Jesse Garon Presley who, unfortunately, passed at birth. With the guidance of a brother, Elvis might not have had the deep twinge of loneliness that he felt throughout his life. Although Elvis turned out to be quite a people-pleaser, growing up, he lived his life as a recluse and was described by others as a loner.

He would sometimes bring his guitar into school and dabble with it during lunchtime, followed with torment from other children. As the story goes, the children in Elvis's school would often throw rotten fruit at him, and some students were reported to have cut his guitar strings. After the incident, students who were aware of the deep love Elvis had for his guitar, scraped some money together to buy him new strings.

At 19, Elvis was ready to enter the glitzy world of music, but was promptly rejected. Imagine how they must feel now? The year of his audition, his music career had already started to pick up some traction as he was a budding artist in the Memphis music scene. However, at the end of the day, Elvis was still just another man allowed to be drafted and shipped off to the army. He served two years of active duty, and four years in the reserves. Everyone who knew Elvis knew that his mother, Gladystook up the biggest space in his heart.

Elvis was extremely close to her, so he was devastated upon hearing the news that she was ill. At the time of the announcement, Elvis Guitarist seeking his Orange girl in the Guitarist seeking his Orange girl, but he immediately made plans to come back to see her. She passed of a heart attack at 46 years old. She was always my best girl.

The death of his mother took a severe toll on him, and this sadness would be carried with him throughout the entirety of his career. He would put a new twist on songs with slower tempos and did such a great job of it that people assumed he was the original artist. He cultivated it. To make his hair black, he would use shoe polish to cover his sandy-colored tresses. He believed that this new raven-colored look made him appear edgier on and off the stage.

In fact, he was so irritated by them that he threatened to have the star arrested. He warned Elvis that he would be walking out of his next show in cuffs if he did not tone his act down. It seems that when Elvis is brought up in a conversation, the name Priscilla immediately follows. Like Harry and Sally, Elvis and Priscilla are two names that will forever be intertwined.

However, their relationship would be quite scandalous in today world, as Priscilla was very young. Priscilla was only 14 when she met Elvis, who was 24 at the time. I learned so much about him and was with him so much that I thought the way he did. Priscilla was the only lucky lady to ever tie the knot with the star. He had gained respect from his haters after serving time in the war, and people began approving of this swell young man named Elvis.

He was a young man with hobbies that enjoyed serving his country, just like everyone else! While in the army, Elvis became very interested in karate and studied the fighting style of Chito-Ryu under Hank Slemansky. He would use his karate skills on stage, and he received his black belt in When rolled around, Elvis was almost unrecognizable thanks to his new look. The King had a soft spot for fried foods, and it took up a hefty percentage of his diet.

One of his favorites? It said that at one point he went up on stage, and his band didn't even recognize him. Yes, Elvis almost loaned his deep vocals to the hit musical West Side Story. Director Robert Wise offered him the lead role, and it was close to becoming a reality. Elvis was indeed interested in doing the film, but halted when his manager, Colonel Parkerworried that this might not be the right film for the star.

The legendary mansion is on a It is now one of the most prominent landmarks in the country. It opened to the public in and is ranked the second most visited home in the USA. As for the name, Graceland was initially part of a acre farm that was owned by the S. Toof family. The family had owned the land for decades and named after one of the female relatives named, you guessed it, Grace.

Life in the spotlight was not easy for the A-list couple. InElvis had an affair with Joyce Bovawhich ended in an unwanted pregnancy and abortion. In a shocking twist, Priscilla later revealed she had an ongoing fling with Mike Stone … a karate instructor who Elvis recommended she see.

Only a few years after their marriage, the two divorced. I just kind of followed what he did He was the love of my life, truly… If anything, I left because-and I still loved him-I needed to find out what the world was like. It is believed that Elvis tried to model his look after his beloved superhero. In fact, his collection of comics can still be found in the attic of Graceland. There is quite a similarity between Elvis and the fictionalized teen. Many Guitarist seeking his Orange girl believe that he borrowed Captain Marvel Jr. Priscilla admitted to British show Loose Women that, during the entirety of their relationship, Elvis never saw her without makeup.

She said:. I always had a little bit of makeup. He never wanted to see me getting dressed; he wanted to see the end result. She also confessed that Elvis had complete control over everything, including the clothes she wore. He would even attend shopping trips with his wife. Priscilla often compared her life with The King to living in a bubble. There were plenty of rumors that involved Elvis with other A-listers, but one of the biggest?

Cher began seeing Elvis in-between her marriages to Sonny Bono and Gregg Allmaninsisting it was nothing but a fling.

Guitarist seeking his Orange girl

Despite dating, the famous pair never actually got down and dirty. In fact, Cher straight up stood him up. One night, Elvis asked her to his room, and she rejected his offer. Every celebrity has some kind of quirk. For Michael Jacksoneveryone remembers his pet monkey, Bubbles. But, wait! Michael Jackson was not the first celebrity to adopt a funny and misbehaving chimp! Elvis also had a pet Chimpanzee named Scatter. Which begs the question, was Michael Jackson embodying his once father-in-law? Guitarist seeking his Orange girl is said that Scatter was quite a sprightly fellow, and he would often cause trouble.

Scatter would show up to elaborate parties hosted by Elvis at Graceland and harass the guests. One story tells of the naughty chimp placing his hands inappropriately on a woman during a party, which was followed by a hard uppercut from her. Turns out, Elvis was a pretty big germaphobe. He was religious about it, so it was always his cup. We may think of Elvis in comparison to the likes of a God but, in the end, he was just a normal man with somewhat normal phobias. When Elvis began touring, he put his heart and soul into it. His life on the road was a difficult one, as he regularly traveled back and forth across the nation.

Any artist thrown into his tour schedule and movie schedule would have had a difficult time keeping up, and The King was no different. Elvis made so many appearances on stage, that he started becoming sloppy. While he was breaking box-office records, his in-studio performances began to suffer.

Guitarist seeking his Orange girl

Many people claimed that there was a lack of quality in the new recordings that was present in the old ones. Regardless, he continued to thrive and climb the charts. It was no secret how much Elvis loved guns, as he would carry them around quite often. Ginger Aldenan old girlfriend, tells the story of a time when Elvis fired a gun at a television set.

Released inthe album consisted only of spoken content. Naturally, the album was ripped apart by critics, seeing as there is no musical substance to the record. Mark Demingof AllMusic, had very strong feelings on the album saying:. People from outside the United States adored Elvis just as much as Americans. In fact, 40 percent of his music sales came from overseas, but he never performed on foreign grounds unless you count Canada in He arrived in America by jumping ship, and he never owned a United States passport.

Originally a carnival worker, Parker moved into music promotion and discovered Tommy Sands as well as Elvis. The Ed Sullivan Show was quite a family-friendly program. However, after seeing the ratings that Elvis brought to The Steve Allen Showhe sang a different tune. But there was a catch Sullivan would not film Elvis from the waist down to protect his viewers. While dominating the music industry, Elvis proved he was a multi-talented celebrity, riding out the peak of his fame onto the waves of the silver screen. Over his career, he appeared in over 30 films!

It is believed by many that had Elvis been given a serious chance in the movie industry; he would have been matched with the likes of James Dean and Marlon Brando. However, critics often thought that his hectic singing career interfered with his potential film career.

Along with his gun obsession, Elvis had a passion for law enforcement. He would often pass the time pulling over speedy drivers by attaching a police siren to his car. He would invite friends to him on these pranks, and after giving a lecture to the drivers, he would hand them an autograph and dismiss them. Elvis even earned honorary police status in different American states and once met with President Nixon. The meeting of Richard Nixon and Elvis was probably one of the strangest celebrity-president meetings of all time. Elvis actually wrote to the White House requesting the badge, and he later met the president.

He told Nixon that he believed the Beatles were encouraging anti-American sentiment and that by giving him the honorary title, he could help counter the movement. While doing a show in Miami Beach, a limo picked up Elvis from Guitarist seeking his Orange girl helipad to take him to a venue.

At the end of the trip, Elvis began talking with the limo driver and asked him if he owned the car himself. The driver told Elvis that he worked for the company that owned the limo and he was just a driver.

Guitarist seeking his Orange girl

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