Dinner date cuddling roadtrips Cotia me out

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Many of you may jump at the chance for a road trip purely for the adventure. But there may be some of you who think a road trip means getting from point A to point B in the fastest time possible, making quick stops for gas, grabbing some horrendous gas station food, then putting pedal to the metal in order to get where you are going quickly. I get you. I became the Queen of driving across the 1, miles of brown desert wastelands between Arizona and Texas and it was brutal. Last summer we did something that had been on my bucket list since I was a teenager. I have been dreaming for as long as I can remember of taking a drive along the California Pacific Coast Highway.

My dreams included stunning blue coastlines, massive redwoods, and charming coastal towns. It exceeded every single expectation and was some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen! Thank you! I collected a file folder of information and worked on our itinerary for 3 months. We learned so much along the way and when I look at our pictures and relive our experiences, I am dying to do it all again! Most travel guides will tell you the best places to stop for sightseeing, but I want to share the best places to EAT along the way too because FOOD is important, people.

Very important on road trips! You will find a sample itinerary, suggested stops in towns along the way, food recommendations, and even tips on traveling with. I have four of them and we have taken more road trips than I can count and these tips are integral to road trip success! Here is a sample itinerary. You can customize it to your ideal preferences but this Dinner date cuddling roadtrips Cotia me out you an outline. If you love nature, hiking, and exploring the outdoors, you will want to spend a lot of time in Big Sur. If you would rather sit and relax in a charming coastal town, make your stay longer in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

If you are looking for culture and city life, extend your stay in San Francisco. This can be tailor-made to your preferences. I used Hotwire for most of my hotel purchases but there is some risk involved as the purchases are non-refundable. If you are a AAA member, you can usually receive discounts at most hotels when booking. If you are traveling with kids, the hotels can be pretty tiny in San Fran, so plan accordingly that meant packing a few sleeping bags for the.

See below for tips for traveling with. Try the shredded beef enchiladas. Sidecar Doughnuts in Newport Beach — gourmet doughnuts with unique ingredients. Go for the huckleberry. Manhattan Beach Creamery and Lemonade in Manhattan Beach — get the chocolate dipped salted caramel ice cream sandwich. Thank me later. Go for the sundaes or chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches and then get a pint to go to eat on the beach. Dametra Cafe or Yafa Mediterranean in Carmel-by-the-Sea — fresh food with live music that makes you never want to ever leave. Wharf Marketplace in Monterey — grab some sandwiches, fresh fruit, and cookies and have a picnic near the water.

Donnelly Fine Chocolates in Santa Cruz — chocolate dipped ice cream bars with vanilla bean salted caramel and almonds is off the charts. Bi-Rite Creamery in San Francisco — handcrafted ice cream using only the highest quality ingredients. Golden Gate Bakery in San Francisco — famous for the egg custard tarts and long lines. I want to hear from you! What tips would you give?

Dinner date cuddling roadtrips Cotia me out

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will get back to you. We are planning this very trip right now and this blog post is a treasure! Thank you so much for posting this right when we needed it. I love your suggestions-especially the food! Thank you, thank you, thank you! So good to hear from you! This makes me so happy to hear that you are taking this road trip and that my guide will help you along the way.

This is the reason I did it and I appreciate you so much reaching out and letting me know. It means so much!

Dinner date cuddling roadtrips Cotia me out

This information and resources is priceless. Thank you so very much for sharing! The tips on food, and beach bag are great! Thank you so much, Amanda! The whole reason I did this was to help others so that they can plan a fabulous vacation.

Dinner date cuddling roadtrips Cotia me out

I would love to hear how it goes in June and how much you loved it. What a FABulous post Melissa!

Dinner date cuddling roadtrips Cotia me out

Brings back wonderful memories from my childhood when my parents took their 6 kids up the coast, 50 gulp! This makes me want to do it all again! Thank you so much, Judy! How could it be 50 years ago?! You seriously look so amazing! As soon as we got home from the trip, I was ready to do it all again. I told Dean that we somehow have to make it happen again very soon! We did this trip 2 years ago and it was much better than I expected. We started from San Diego to San Francisco. We veered off a little to a small vineyard Wild Horse which was a nice surprise.

I would also recommend elephant seal beach. The one thing I was looking forward to seeing in CA was seals and boy did I get my fill. You hit upon many of our favorite places. Great pics too! Thank you for your comment and great recommendation! That is the best to start in San Diego. You experienced it all! I wish that we saw elephant seal beach but when I go back, we will definitely go. Thanks so much! Depending on your timing, you may find county fairs. I enjoyed the fair in Watsonville once. Kids have lots of room to move around. At Watsonville, you can probably get artichoke fritters — delicious.

Great ideas, Marilyn! You have me craving an artichoke fritter now! Watsonville is so beautiful with the vast farmland and I may just need to go back now to try those out. Thanks for sharing those tips! What would be the best and worst time of year to do this trip? We are from Knoxville TN and spring and fall are the best times here but not sure if March or October are good times to visit Cal and travel the coast?

Hi Julie! That is such a fabulous question. I have been doing some research on this exact topic as we going back in September. There is actually a lot of fog during the summer months especially in San Francisco so when you get into October, the water has warmed up and the marine layer is not as present at all. I think October would be a perfect time to visit! Also, we have friends and family who live in California and they spend their days on the beach in the Fall when the weather is warmer and sunnier outside.

I hope this helps! Please feel free to ask any questions. We have spent a lot of time in California! Thank Dinner date cuddling roadtrips Cotia me out, Melissa, for all of your yummy recommendations. I hope to try out more on another trip. Great post and map out but I think you should have started in San Diego! Hi Eric! Such great tips! I spent every summer there growing up so I have a huge love for the place. Next time I go, I am going to try out your suggestions. Thanks for sharing! Wonderful advice. Your food suggestions are awesome, my husband is drooling already! I will keep your list on hand as we travel.

Hi Sue! I am so excited for you! First of all, what a fun trip from NC! You are going to be able to see so much beautiful country. Your kids are great ages because they will remember everything. Keep me posted next summer how things go. I would love to hear about your trip!

Oh Maya this is so exciting! Let me know if you have any questions along the way. Enjoy every minute! This post has been soooooo helpful and sounds perfect for my family. We are looking to fly from Alabama on Dec 23 and will be there about nights.

I was thinking of flying into San Diego and renting a car to head north and end in San Francisco. Are we being over zealous? If you fly into San Diego, would you fly out of there as well or could you fly out of San Francisco? That will make a difference in my recommendations. If you fly in and out of San Diego, it could be very tough to do in nights. If you fly into Los Angeles, that would save Dinner date cuddling roadtrips Cotia me out time but you would miss out on some beautiful parts. But if you are worried about time, you can fly straight into LAX. I love that you want to fit in as much as possible!

I just came back from a week trip to Spain with my company. We got up at six in the morning and visited all the landmarks in several cities then got on the road and traveled to the next place.

Dinner date cuddling roadtrips Cotia me out

We never stayed somewhere over 2 days. Is California busy or do you have time to stay somewhere for a few days? My family will be going for two weeks!

Dinner date cuddling roadtrips Cotia me out

We are flying into San Francisco July 4.

Dinner date cuddling roadtrips Cotia me out

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