Lab-grown spider silk used for Adidas x Stella McCartney biodegradable dress

Adidas and Stella McCartney used vegan spider-style silk by Bolt Threads to create the Biofabric Tennis Dress, which can “fully biodegrade”. The Adidas x Stella McCartney Biofabric Tennis Dress is made using Microsilk, a bioengineered yarn made from yeast by Californian biotech startup Bolt Threads. The Microsilk fabric eventually breaks down back into the environment, […]

Native Shoes makes plant-based sneakers from pineapple and eucalyptus

Canadian footwear brand Native Shoes has released a unisex sneaker made entirely from vegan-friendly materials including eucalyptus, pineapple husk and dried hevea milk. In a bid to offer consumers footwear that is both high-quality and zero-waste, Native Shoes has designed a trainer comprised of plant-derived components that are fully biodegradable, compostable and free from animal […]

Buffy uses eucalyptus fibres to create biodegradable and vegan-friendly bedding

New York homeware brand Buffy has launched a comforter made entirely of eucalyptus pulp, reducing its ecological footprint while also making it suitable for vegans. The Breeze duvet uses the natural eucalyptus wood pulp for its case, stuffing and threading, meaning it is fully biodegradable. This simple plant-based formula also means it uses no animal […]

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