Shimpei Oda and Tetsuya Tanji keep things minimal in studio for graphic design office Panda

Japanese architects Shimpei Oda and Tetsuya Tanji made only subtle changes to this unfinished office unit in Nara, to turn it into a design studio. The two architects, who lead the studios Shimpei Oda Architect Office and Atelier Loowe, created the workspace for graphic design office Panda. Their main intervention was to add a new […]

Lianjie Wu designs affordable homes that are deliberately left unfinished

The final instalment of our Dezeen x Mini Living video series features a proposal by Bartlett graduate Lianjie Wu for affordable homes that are left unfinished, for residents to complete themselves. Wu’s project, called Beyond the Shell, reimagines the traditional high-rise tower as a modular, multi-storey estate, with public and private spaces of different sizes […]

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