Lego mocks Tesla with “guaranteed shatterproof” brick model of Cybertruck

Toy company Lego has reacted to the launch of Tesla’s Cybertruck be sharing a picture of a car made from a single plastic brick. The Danish toy brand made the simple model car to mock the blocky Cybertruck electric pickup truck, which was unveiled by Elon Musk last week. Lego posted the picture of the car made from a single, blue […]

Tesla divides opinion with Cybertruck “dropped from a sci-fi movie”

The radical design of Tesla‘s electric Cybertruck, which was unveiled last week, has caused a storm on social media, with some people calling it “courageous” and others “ridiculous”. Elon Musk launched Tesla’s electric pickup truck last week at an event near the company’s SpaceX factory in Los Angeles, USA. The Cybertruck features an unusual angular, […]

Elon Musk unveils Tesla’s Cybertruck electric off-road vehicle

Tesla founder Elon Musk has unveiled the Cybertruck, a bulletproof electric vehicle clad in the same kind of steel being used to make SpaceX’s Starship space craft. Designed to look like the cross between a pickup truck and a stealth fighter jet, the Cybertruck combines a sports car’s acceleration with off-road driving capabilities. Panels of […]

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