Winston filter promises to give people control over their online privacy

A hardware filter called Winston that users plug into their modem to protect their data has launched, in response to mounting concern over digital privacy and surveillance. Created by US start-up Winston Privacy, the filter promises to prevent online tracking and profiling for every member of the household where it is installed, and across every […]

London’s King’s Cross uses facial recognition to track visitors

King’s Cross in London is using facial recognition technology to surveil the tens of thousands of visitors that frequent the site each day, and Canary Wharf is “considering” following suit. According to a spokesperson for the privately owned area around King’s Cross station, the 67-acre site in central London is using the technology “in the […]

Noma Studio’s anti-AI mask protects wearers from mass surveillance

Polish design studio Noma has developed a mask that makes the wearer’s face undetectable to facial recognition algorithms used in public surveillance cameras. Ewa Nowak and Jarosław Markowicz, who make up Noma Studio, designed the Incognito mask in an attempt to reclaim the privacy and anonymity that they feel has been lost to face-detecting cameras installed […]

Accessories for the Paranoid uses fake data to stop your devices spying on you

Katja Trinkwalder and Pia-Marie Stute have designed a series of add-on accessories for those who are concerned about surveillance and their data security. The project, called Accessories For The Paranoid, explores an alternative approach to data security through four different “parasitic” objects. These include a webcam that projects fabricated scenes and a button that generates […]

CounterBug is a digital self-defence device that eases cyber paranoia

Glasgow School of Art graduate Erlend Prendergast has designed a modular robotic device that talks back to Amazon‘s virtual assistant Alexa in order to protect users from digital surveillance. Prendergast developed the CounterBug project during his final year of study on the Scottish school’s Product Design course. The self-initiated project explores some of the widespread […]

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