Chris Precht and Arthur Mamou-Mani use sand to 3D print pavilion in Saudi Arabia

Precht and Mamou-Mani Architects have completed a sustainable sand-printed installation called Sandwaves in Diryah, Saudi Arabia. The ribbon-like structure is 3D printed from sand and furan resin for use as street furniture at Diryah Season – a sports and entertainment event in the Al-Turaif District. Precht and Mamou-Mani Architects chose to build Sandwaves using sand as […]

Six outdoor urinals for when you need to wee in the wild

From female urinals for festivals to pissoirs on the streets of Paris, here are six of the freshest outdoor urinals designs for peeing in the fresh air. P-tree by Aandeboom When revellers at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark refused to stop peeing against the trees, Dutch design studio Aandeboom came up with an ingenious solution. […]

London water fountains design chosen by focus groups

The widely criticised design of the public water fountains that are set to be installed across London was decided by focus groups, says Thames Water, which oversaw the design process. Thames Water told Dezeen that they used public focus groups to settle on the design, which was created by “international specialists”. However, the water fountains have drawn […]

Snøhetta designs bench for Nobel Peace Centre that brings people together

A bench designed by architecture firm Snøhetta for the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo is shaped like a partial circle to encourage people to sit closer together and start conversations. The project is described as a “peace bench” and is titled The Best Weapon, in reference to Nelson Mandela’s famous quote, “The best weapon is […]

City Benches by young designers brighten London’s Cheapside

A giant sleeping whippet and a bright red sundial are among the playful street furniture enlivening the UK capital during the London Festival of Architecture. Scattered throughout London’s Cheapside financial district, the seats are the winning designs of the City Benches competition held by the London Festival of Architecture (LFA). Benchtime by Anna Janiak doubles […]

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