Cow-print tiles and Tetris-style orange furniture feature in Russian cafe

Russian architect Eduard Eremchuk used Tetris-like orange modular furniture on wheels to solve the problem of limited space in a tiled cafe in Rostov-on-Don. And Y cafe is on a square next to the Don State Public Library in the city in southern Russia. With lots of universities in the area, the owner of And […]

Christopher Herwig photographs opulent details of Soviet-era metro stations

The Soviet Metro Stations photography series by Christopher Herwig documents the most unusual details of the Soviet-era metro network built between the 1930s and 1980s. Christopher Herwig has photographed stations including Nizhny Novgorod Intended to give an insight into the “closest realisation of a Soviet utopia”, the photography collection features stations in 15 cities across seven […]

Think tank to research terraforming earth founded by Moscow’s Strelka Institute

The Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design in Moscow has launched a postgraduate course to research how the earth could be terraformed to reverse the impacts of climate change. Called The Terraforming, the interdisciplinary think tank will research ways in which the earth could be dramatically transformed in the future to return it to a […]

Moscow furniture factory from the 1980s turned into loft-style apartments

DNK Architecture Group has turned a former furniture factory in Moscow into apartments, replacing prefabricated concrete panel cladding with hand-made bricks. Zinc-framed windows punctuate the facade of handmade clinker bricks, where the clay is fired at high temperatures to produce a shiny surface. The development is called Rassvet Loft Studio after the Rassvet factory that still […]

Moscow’s FanFood offers football supporters a place to grab a post-match pizza

A goalkeeper-themed mural and football kit-coloured fixtures appear inside this pizza restaurant, which architecture studio Mast has created near Dynamo Moscow’s stadium in the Russian capital. Football-inspired decor details have been incorporated throughout FanFood in a nod to Moscow‘s VTB Arena – a local landmark that studio Mast felt it “couldn’t ignore” during the pizzeria’s design process. […]

UNStudio set to connect Russia and China with world’s first international cable car

Designed as the first ever cross-border cable car the Blagoveshchensk – Heihe Cable Car will be built across the Amur River, which marks the border between eastern Russia and China. UNStudio has designed the station in the city of Blagoveshchensk, on the Russian of the border, while the architect of the terminal in the Chinese city […]

Brass elements appear inside Moscow office by Alexander Volkov Architects

Golden-hued volumes and a huge rotunda-like frame help arrange the layout of this office in Moscow, Russia, designed by Alexander Volkov Architects. Locally based Alexander Volkov Architects was tasked with forming “unusual and spectacular” interiors for the sales office of the building in Moscow’s NV-9 Artkvartal residential complex, where it occupies the top floor. It […]

Wes Anderson films inform design of Moscow restaurant

New York-based design studio Asthetíque has completed a restaurant in Moscow called The Y that draws on the stylised sets of films directed by Wes Anderson. Located in the newly developed neighbourhood of Hamovniki, the two-storey space combines a soft palette with eclectic architectural elements that exude a “theatrical experience from the moment you walk […]

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