Twine house is topped by a twisting continuous concrete slab

Designer Antony Gibbon has visualised a conceptual house called Twine, which sits under a wave-like piece of concrete within a landscape of rolling hills. Gibbon conceived Twine as a twisting concrete structure, which reflects the hills surrounding as a “series of organic forms”. It takes its name directly from the word Twine, which means to twist strands of material together, […]

Interior shortlisted for Dezeen Awards disqualified after commenter spots “subtle cues” that images are fake

An apartment shortlisted for Dezeen Awards has been disqualified after an eagle-eyed commenter noticed that the images submitted were computer renders rather than photos. Nassim Mansion, a three-bedroom residence designed by Singapore studio 0932 Design Consultants, was shortlisted for Apartment interior of the year at this year’s awards. But when the shortlist was announced last […]

Flooded London by Squint/Opera depicts “curiously utopian” vision of the city under water

Digital design studio Squint/Opera has reissued a series of speculative visualisations depicting London in 2090 when climate change has left much of the city under water. The Flooded London series, first created in 2008, shows how citizens might adapt to catastrophic rising temperatures and sea levels. Squint/Opera has reissued its Flooded London visualisations “The world […]

Amey Kandalgaonkar imagines home built into giant boulder

Architectural designer Amey Kandalgaonkar has created renderings of House Inside a Rock, a concept for a modernist concrete house built within a giant rock. Mumbai born, Shanghai-based Kandalgaonkar designed the house to be a contemporary twist on the architecture of the Mada’in Saleh necropolis, a UNESCO world heritage site in Saudi Arabia. Mada’in Saleh was built in […]

Jendretzki Design proposes Rat Island eco-retreat for New York City

US studio Jendretzki Design has revealed designs for a boutique eco-resort on a tiny island within greater New York City. The local studio has envisioned Rat Island for an isle off the city’s Bronx borough. It is one of the 44 isles that make up the New York archipelago, but the only one that is privately owned. […]

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