Daan Roosegaarde and design students create a “smog-eating billboard” in Mexico

Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde has covered advertising billboards in Monterrey, Mexico in an air-purifying resin that can eat up the city’s smog. The billboard advertisements are coated with a special resin that, when hit by sunlight, prompts a photocatalytic process to turn smog into clean air. “This project proposes to take advantage of existing city […]

Shed prints plastic pollution on walls to highlight the problem of ocean waste

London pop-up store Pass on Plastic was decorated floor to ceiling with wallpaper depicting plastic waste to serve as a visual reminder to consumers of the growing problem of ocean plastic. The temporary store which ran in London until earlier this year was intended to raise awareness of the use of single-use plastic products, which […]

Pornhub launches Dirtiest Porn Ever campaign to clean up the world’s oceans

Adult video website Pornhub has filmed a movie on a litter-filled beach to raise money to remove plastic from the world’s oceans. Every time the Dirtiest Porn Ever is played Pornhub will make a donation to Ocean Polymers – a non-profit organisation that is planning to launch a ship to collect and reprocess plastic from the sea. “We’re […]

Eight design brands leading the way in sustainability

With environmental issues such as climate change and plastic pollution dominating the headlines, what are design brands doing to help the planet? From Kvadrat to Emeco, we’ve selected eight companies doing their bit to promote sustainability. Bolon Who are they? Founded over 70 years ago in Stockholm, Swedish flooring designer Bolon has had sustainability at […]

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