View snowy architecture scenes on our Pinterest board

Winter is here in the northern hemisphere, so we’ve updated our Pinterest board depicting snowy architecture scenes. The board features dozens of projects including mountain cabins, ski lodges and cosy winter retreats. Follow Dezeen on Pinterest or visit our snow-scenes board to see more. John Pawson’s log chapel is included on the Pinterest board Projects […]

Explore contemporary architecture in Beijing’s hutongs on our new Pinterest board

Our latest Pinterest board features innovative architecture in Beijing’s historic hutongs, including radical transformations of traditional courtyard houses such as this one by Chinese architect MAD. Follow Dezeen on Pinterest or visit our hutongs board to see more examples. Once common in Beijing and other northern Chinese cities, hutongs are narrow streets or alleys formed […]

Discover our readers’ top five images from our Pinterest boards in November

Over 10 million users browse our Pinterest boards every month, but what are they looking at? We round up the top five most-popular pins in November. House for a Daughter, Vietnam, by Khuôn Studio House for a Daughter in Vietnam was the subject of our most popular pin this month. Designed by Khuôn Studio, a […]

See interior makeovers of Barbican flats on our new Pinterest board

We’re inviting you to step inside renovated Barbican flats with our new Pinterest board, including pale minimalist aesthetics and colourful walls that feature inside homes within the brutalist estate. Follow Dezeen on Pinterest › Notice how the colourful volume in Room for One More at the Barbican creates a fold-out workspace but also hides a […]

Browse architecture by style with this week’s new Pinterest boards

As our series on the high-tech movement gets underway, we’ve made new Pinterest boards to visually collate our coverage of different architectural styles. Spot the iconic landmarks and figures of the Bauhaus and high-tech architecture movement and reminisce in the timeless designs. Follow Dezeen on Pinterest › This week’s main image shows Centre Pompidou’s external structure […]

Pack your bags and join us on tour with this week’s travel-inspired Pinterest boards

To celebrate being shortlisted for the Pinterest UK Awards 2019 in its travel tips category, we’re whisking you away to boards featuring places to stay around the world. Visit alluring hotels in the US, harmonious holiday homes and Greek houses that look like a little glimpse of heaven by following Dezeen on Pinterest › The […]

Release your inner child with our updated Pinterest boards

This week we’re updating our Pinterest boards that celebrate the projects that don’t take themselves too seriously. Browse inflatables and bouncy-castle installations, hammocks and swings and slides used as alternatives to staircases. Follow Dezeen on Pinterest › The above image proves it’s easy to balance work and play at Blossom School, which features interiors that look […]

Keep it simple with this week’s minimalist Pinterest board

We’ve divided and updated our Pinterest board of minimalist projects into sections containing austere architecture, pared-back interiors and essential designs that do more with less. Follow Dezeen on Pinterest › Main image is from a renovated apartment in the Barbican estate, stripped back by John Pawson in his signature style. Open the Pinterest app on […]

Get behind the wheel and take our new Pinterest boards for a spin

To help you travel in style, we’re showcasing the best of modern transport with this week’s new Pinterest boards. Ride along with first-class trains, extraordinary Hyperloop systems and car designs to inspire your own Bat-mobile. Follow Dezeen on Pinterest › Main image is from BMW’s Vantablack car, where the pigment has erased reflections and three-dimensionality. […]

Ready your engines and voyage to Burning Man through our new Pinterest board

The “temporary city” of Burning Man has risen once again from the desert foundations of Black Rock City for its 2019 edition. Explore the community-driven music event with our updated Pinterest boards, featuring timber installations and ornate pavilions. Follow Dezeen on Pinterest › Main image is from the Blanket installation in which NASA emergency blankets […]

Breathe life into concrete jungles with our flourishing Pinterest boards

As glass buildings claim more of the skyline, architects and designers are cultivating ideas for plant-filled cities. Harvest this week’s Pinterest boards of vertical gardens, facades with crawling greenery and potted interiors. Follow Dezeen on Pinterest › Main image is from Penda’s proposal for vertical gardens in a modular tower in Tel Aviv. Open the […]

Our new Pinterest board ties down buildings and furniture that are on the move

Keep your eye on architecture and design projects that twist and turn on this week’s new Pinterest board, including animated houses, spinning walls and furniture that pulls down from ceilings. Follow Dezeen on Pinterest › Open the Pinterest app on your phone, tap the camera icon and scan the below Pincode to explore Dezeen’s feed. […]

Relax into the weekend with our restful interiors Pinterest board

Cosy corners, perfect for nestling into with your favourite book, feature on our Pinterest board which includes wood-lined cabin retreats, relaxing hotel interiors and aspirational apartments. Follow Dezeen on Pinterest › Open the Pinterest app on your phone, tap the camera icon and scan the below Pincode to explore Dezeen’s feed. Read more:

Jump through space and time on our Pinterest boards

We’re taking a glimpse into utopian and dystopian designs for the future on our updated Pinterest boards, from 3D-printed set design, to wearable technology and projects set in space. Follow Dezeen on Pinterest › Open the Pinterest app on your phone, tap the camera icon and scan the Pincode below to explore Dezeen’s feed. Read […]

Vote for your favourite Dezeen Awards 2019 projects on our Pinterest boards

Check out all 903 projects and studios longlisted for Dezeen Awards 2019 on our dedicated Pinterest boards and vote for your favourites! We’ve created boards for each of the 36 categories for architecture, interiors and design, as well as the studios in the running to be named the best studios of the year. Cast your […]

Relax in salons, spas and beachfront properties this weekend on our Pinterest boards

This week on our Pinterest account, we’re showcasing the best spaces to unwind in, including salons, spas and beachfront properties. Follow Dezeen on Pinterest › Open the Pinterest app on your phone, tap the camera icon and scan the Pincode below to explore Dezeen’s feed. Read more:

Visit apartments in London, Barcelona and New York this week via our new Pinterest boards

We’re showcasing the best apartments in London, New York and Barcelona on our Pinterest account this week, including a flat inside the old BBC Television Centre. Follow Dezeen on Pinterest ›

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