Plywood furniture “islands” are used to customise public housing in Japan

A multifunctional furniture unit made up of raised plywood floors and pegboard walls allows residents in this public-housing complex in Osaka to customise their apartments. Nmstudio Architects were invited to create four apartment prototypes for the renovation of a Danchi (a public-housing complex) in Senri, Osaka. The 14-storey building was originally constructed in 1979 and […]

Wooden pegboards wrap walls of Mexico’s Negro Blanco Café by Estudio Yeye

Design firm Estudio Yeye used a limited palette of colours and materials to create a “simple and efficient” design for a cafe that serves up Mexican coffee. The Negro Blanco Café, or Black White Coffee, is located in Chihuahua City in northwestern Mexico. The cafe specialises in offering award-winning coffee grown on farms in the […]

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