Gensler designs Pavilion Notre-Dame as temporary worship space

International architecture firm Gensler has proposed creating a pavilion alongside Notre-Dame as a temporary place of worship following the fire, which destroyed the cathedral’s roof. Situated on the square in front of the cathedral, Pavillon Notre-Dame is designed to host church services and markets for residents and visitors while the 850-year-old cathedral is being restored. Notre-Dame’s […]

Soltani+LeClercq proposes shrouding Notre-Dame in a veil

Soltani+LeClercq has designed a translucent membrane to cover Notre-Dame Cathedral while reconstruction takes place. The New York architecture studio envisions covering the cathedral, which lost its spire and roof in a fire on 15 April, in a veil that will obscure views of the building as it is rebuilt. “The entire envelope is shrouded in a diaphanous […]

Apple Store architect wants to use only glass to rebuild Notre-Dame’s roof and spire

Eight Inc, the studio that developed the Apple Store concept, wants to accurately reconstruct Notre-Dame‘s roof and spire using structural glass. After the French senate passed a bill stating Notre-Dame Cathedral must be returned to its “last known visual state”, Eight Inc has suggested that this could be achieved using a modern material. Eight Inc […]

Notre-Dame must be restored to “last known visual state” says French Senate

The French Senate has passed a bill saying Notre-Dame Cathedral must be rebuilt as it was before the fire, which destroyed its roof and spire last month. The restoration bill states that the reconstruction must create a cathedral that is faithful to the “last known visual state” of the building, reports French newspaper Le Monde. It also […]

Sebastian Errazuriz ridicules Notre-Dame proposals by turning cathedral into rocket launchpad

Designer Sebastian Errazuriz has suggested turning Notre-Dame Cathedral into a space-rocket launchpad in an “act of creative one-upmanship” designed to stop architects producing more proposals. Chilean born, New York-based Errazuriz posted the dramatic set of images on Instagram, alongside an open letter asking architects to stop coming up with concepts for the cathedral, which lost its […]

Seven of the most outrageous proposals for Notre-Dame

Since Notre-Dame Cathedral was devastated by fire last month, design proposals for rebuilding the roof and spire have got more and more ridiculous. Here are seven of the most farfetched, including a car park, a swimming pool and a McDonald’s. The Pool by Ulf Mejergren Architects Rather than topping Notre-Dame with a park, as several designers have […]

Watch a fly-through animation showing Notre-Dame rebuilt with a replica spire and a glass roof

[embedded content] Miysis Studio has created an animation showing its vision of a rebuilt Notre-Dame that combines a reconstruction of Viollet-le-Duc’s spire with a modern glass roof. The Belgium visualisation studio created the movie to show how the cathedral, which was devastated by fire last month, could be rebuilt using modern and traditional materials. “We also wanted to mix […]

Miysis Studio envisions Notre-Dame with a reconstructed spire and glass roof

Miysis Studio has proposed combining a reconstruction of Notre-Dame‘s spire with a modern glazed roof to “find the right balance between history and future” for the cathedral. The visualisation studio created the images as an idea of how the cathedral, which was devastated by fire last month, could be rebuilt using both traditional and modern elements. […]

Experts concerned over five-year deadline for Notre-Dame rebuild

Over 1,000 architecture and heritage experts have called on France’s president to reconsider plans to rebuild Notre-Dame before the Olympic Games in 2024, saying the reconstruction should be carried out “without haste”. Former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Philippe de Montebello is one of 1,170 experts to sign a petition calling for greater […]

Studio NAB proposes turning Notre-Dame’s roof into public greenhouse

Paris-based Studio NAB thinks a giant greenhouse could be built on top of Notre-Dame Cathedral to replace the roof lost in last month’s devastating fire. The covered garden would stretch the length of the Paris cathedral and along both arms of its crossing, while the building’s spire would be rebuilt as a multi-storey platform filled with beehives. […]

“Viollet-le-Duc would not hesitate to build a new roof and spire”

Eugène Viollet-le-Duc’s Notre-Dame spire was much loved, but it was a fake. A modern replacement could become just as revered, says Tom Ravenscroft. Notre-Dame Cathedral will be rebuilt. French president Emmanuel Macron has promised as much and the unprecedented donations, which stand at around €850 million, means that the will and the funds are in […]

This week, designers began proposing ideas for Notre-Dame’s restoration

This week, Dezeen shared some of the proposals revealed by designers for Notre-Dame Cathedral’s new spire, after it was engulfed by a major fire last week. The flurry of designs were unveiled following the French prime minister’s announcement that there would be an international competition to replace the structure. Among the proposals were Studio Fuksas’ Baccarat crystal […]

Eight alternative spires for Notre-Dame Cathedral

Since the fire devastated Notre-Dame Cathedral and the French prime minister announced a competition to replace its spire, a flurry of designers have offered alternative proposals. Here are eight of the best. Studio Fuksas Italian architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas have proposed adding a contemporary roof and spire made from Baccarat crystal to the cathedral, which would […]

Concr3de proposes using 3D printing to rebuild Notre-Dame

Dutch company Concr3de has proposed rebuilding parts of Notre-Dame Cathedral from the ashes of the fire using 3D printing, and has already printed a replacement gargoyle. Concr3de, which was founded by architects Eric Geboers and Matteo Baldassari in 2016, used 3D scans to reproduce Le Stryge, a demon statue that sits on the roof of the gothic […]

Notre Dame “may take a decade or two” to repair say experts

French president Emmanuel Macron has promised to rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral in time for the Paris 2024 Olympics, but experts warn it is likely to take at least 10 years. In a televised statement last night, Macron doubled down on his promise to swiftly repair the historic cathedral, which suffered extensive damage in the fire earlier this […]

Apple pledges support to Notre-Dame as funds pass €600 million mark

Apple has joined the list of donors who have pledged to support restoration of the fire-damaged Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, with total donations now exceeding €600 million. Tim Cook, CEO of tech giant Apple, said he was “heartbroken” at the news of the fire, which broke out on the evening of 14 April. “Apple will […]

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