Mediated Matter Group designs robotically fabricated structure using organic matter

Neri Oxman‘s Mediated Matter Group has digitally designed and robotically fabricated a structure using the molecular components found in tree branches, insect exoskeletons and human bones. Aguahoja I examines how even the materials that we consider waste can inform design. Standing five meters tall, the structure’s skin is composed of cellulose, chitosan, and pectin – […]

Neri Oxman builds with melanin for Totems project

Neri Oxman‘s Mediated Matter Group at MIT has designed an installation using melanin — and says the skin pigment will inevitably be used in architecture. A new commission for the XXII Triennale di Milano, the Totems sculpture features flesh-coloured plumes, formed by injecting liquid melanin into intricate channels within a 3D-printed transparent brick. It is based […]

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