Villa RA features huge openings that frame views of the Italian coast

Expansive openings punctuate the earth-toned facade of this home designed by architecture practice MORQ, which is on a hillside in southern Italy. Designed by MORQ to be a house that “looks”, Villa RA has a series of rectangular apertures that peer out over Calabria – a region of southern Italy distinguished by its sun-baked beaches, […]

MORQ’s rammed-concrete Cloister House hides lush internal courtyard

Architecture studio MORQ has built an almost windowless house surrounding a plant-filled courtyard from rammed concrete in Perth, Australia. Italy and Australia-based architects MORQ designed Cloister House for a couple who wanted a home that would feel like a sheltered place of refuge. Cloister House sits on a plot next to a busy road on a […]

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