Senscommon and Uchino Japan launch “self-purifying” charcoal clothing

Tokyo clothing brand Senscommon has collaborated with textiles company Uchino Japan to launch a clothing collection made using activated charcoal. The On Journey collection of minimalist clothing features a T-shirt, shorts, a shirt, a cardigan, a robe and trousers. The pieces have clean silhouettes with pockets and metal detailing. The clothing is made using an […]

Maria Scarpulla’s tables with flippable tops are designed to suit your mood

Belgian-American designer Maria Scarpulla has created a collection of five tables that feature colourful double-sided tops that can be flipped over. The Ghent-based designer and painter’s minimalist tables come in various different shapes and sizes  and include a dining table and coffee table. Each one features a lacquered steel frame and a double-sided sustainable MDF or […]

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