Unpaid interns are “used and abused” by Japanese architects says Cameron Sinclair 

Unpaid architecture interns in Japan are exploited by their employers, according to humanitarian architecture pioneer  Cameron Sinclair. “I’ve met many young designers in Japan and they are used and abused by firms,” said Sinclair, who co-founded Architecture for Humanity and set up Airbnb’s humanitarian programme. Sinclair made the comment in response to a tweet from […]

Absence of regulations in India “leads to exploitation of interns” says architecture graduate

Architects in India have to endure exploitative internships in order to complete their studies, according to recent graduate Urvashi Vasishtha. With unpaid internships under the spotlight, she spoke to Dezeen about the situation in her country. Working long hours for low wages “left us feeling unvalued,” Vasishtha said. “It dipped our confidence, decreased our drive […]

Sou Fujimoto Architects ends internships in its Tokyo studio

Sou Fujimoto Architects has stopped using interns in its Tokyo office, amid an ongoing row about unpaid internships in architecture studios. The studio said the decision was taken for management reasons and was “not related” to the recent controversy. “In the Tokyo office we do not have interns,” said Ako Nikaido, press spokesperson for Sou […]

Karim Rashid says unpaid internships are better value than “exploiting” university courses

New York designer Karim Rashid has defended the use of unpaid internships, saying young designers can learn more working at a studio than studying at a fee-paying university. “I believe some of the universities are far more exploiting than a small brilliant architecture firm that can inspire and be a catalyst for a student’s budding […]

Unpaid internships “strong part of the social fabric” in Japan

Architects and designers in Japan have defended unpaid internships in the country, saying it is a cultural tradition with deep roots. Responding to the recent controversy over unpaid roles at architecture offices, designers told Dezeen that working unpaid in a small studio was viewed as a “life-changing experience” by students and graduates. “It is a strong […]

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