Sharjah desert visitor centre takes its shape from prehistoric sea urchins

Hopkins Architects has completed the Buhais Geology Park Interpretive Centre on a former prehistoric sea in the emirate of Sharjah, UAE. The visitor centre is in the desert 30 miles south-east of the city of Sharjah, alongside the Jebel Buhais archaeological site within the Al Madam plain. “Our first sight of Jebel Buhais was in the late […]

Michael and Patty Hopkins took high-tech architecture to historical settings

We continue our high-tech architecture series with a profile of Michael and Patty Hopkins, who designed one of the movement’s most pragmatic buildings – Hopkins House – and went on to develop historicist high-tech architecture. High-tech architecture, a style that emerged in the UK in the late 1960s and saw the expression of structural elements, had many contradictions. It often […]

Hopkins’ Portcullis House demonstrated that high-tech could be adapted to historic settings

Next up in our high-tech architecture guide, we look at Portcullis House in London, which demonstrated how the style could be used in historically sensitive locations. Built opposite the Palace of Westminster, Portcullis House is an office building designed by Michael and Patty Hopkins’ studio, now called Hopkins Architects, as offices for the UK Parliament. The […]

Hopkins House – a high-tech home

Hopkins House was designed by Michael and Patty Hopkins as their own home. We take a look at the lightweight steel and glass house as part of our series on high-tech architecture. Completed in 1976 in the north London suburb of Hampstead, Hopkins House was the first project designed by the husband-and-wife team. The two-storey, lightweight steel […]

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