Inquiry finds “compelling evidence” Grenfell Tower did not comply with building regulations

Insulation, cladding and decorative fins added to the exterior of Grenfell Tower during refurbishment made it noncompliant with building regulations, the inquiry into the disaster has found. The 1,000 page report has been published by inquiry chair Martin Moore-Bick. It presents the findings and recommendations from the first stage of the inquest. The first phase […]

Governments threatens to “name and shame” owners that do not replace Grenfell-style cladding

The UK government says building owners will face “consequences” if they do not use a new £200 million fund to remove dangerous cladding, 26 months after the Grenfell Tower Fire. UK secretary of state for housing Robert Jenrick said that building owners who do not remove unsafe aluminium composite material (ACM) from residential tower blocks will […]

Rimal Bhatt’s breathing apparatus helps people evacuate smoke-filled tower blocks

Rimal Bhatt has developed a fire evacuation mask that allows additional time to evacuate a burning building, designed in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Bhatt’s proposal for a simple and easy-to-use respirator allows for up to 15 minutes additional breathing time and represents a streamlined alternative to existing full-face masks, which form a […]

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