Rooms Studio remakes post-Soviet era objects for Design Miami

Visitors to a booth at Design Miami were invited to damage furniture created by Georgian design duo Rooms. In Circulation, displayed at Design Miami earlier this month, featured several pieces taken from previous collections by the Georgian practice Rooms Studio. Rooms’ Bus Stop Benches made from wood and stone to formed the centrepiece of the […]

KayaKata creates “audiobook” of videos to accompany their hip-hop tracks

Tbilisi designer Max Machaidze and writer Zurab Jishkariani have produced animated videos to accompany nine music tracks by KayaKata, the hip-hop band they lead. The videos accompany the tracks on the hip-hop duo’s latest album, which they compare to audiobooks or graphic novels. Each animated video has a similar format. A figure with its face obscured […]

Irakli Sabekia turns razor wire fence into radio transmitter

Designer Irakli Sabekia has developed a device that can turn the border fence between Russia and his native Georgia into a radio transmitter. Using the fence as an antennae, the specially tuned transmitter broadcasts the names and coordinates of villages that were erased during 2008’s Russo-Georgian War, in Morse code. “Stating the names of the cities, […]

Steve Nygren integrates European housing typologies in new Atlanta neighbourhood

Residences that take cues from the canal houses in Belgium and the Netherlands, and minimal wood-clad homes in Scandinavia feature in this new development on the outskirts of Atlanta. The new community called Serenbe was founded by Steve Nygren, who describes himself as a “developer by default”. He purchased 60 acres (24 hectares) of the […]

Hotel group Adjara is “playing a crucial role” in Georgia’s cultural renaissance, say creatives

Georgian hospitality group Adjara has made a name for itself converting brutalist Soviet-era buildings into boutique hotels, including the award-winning Stamba Hotel in Tbilisi. It has also helped nurture a new generation of Georgian creative talents. Local artists and designers say the group’s support has helped elevate the creative industries in the country. “The importance […]

Max Machaidze creates “wearable sculptures” from salvaged Soviet and American objects

Tbilisi designer Max Machaidze has created a range of jewellery made up of found objects including pom-poms, skateboard wheels and industrial ceramics from Soviet-era machinery. The oversized jewellery and a parallel series of sculptures are based on childhood memories of creating towers by piling up stones. Machaidze has created a range of sculptural jewellery “As […]

Atlanta breakfast joint Pancake Social draws on simplicity of Scandinavian design

Atlanta studio NO Architecture has teamed pale woods and white accents with retro tiles and gingham print inside this all-day breakfast eatery in the city. The Pancake Social restaurant is located in a historic brick building in Atlanta‘s Ponce City Market area, which is a mixed-use community hub of food, retail, office and residential spaces. […]

Tbilisi’s tallest towers wrapped in stone and glass

Dezeen promotion: custom-designed windows, made by Reynaers Aluminium, wrap the facades of this pair of twisting towers designed by Alexander Mezhevidze, which are the tallest buildings in Tbilisi. Located in the capital of Georgia’s Vake district, the two 37-storey Axis Towers are identical in form, with one clad in white stone and the other with black glass. […]

J Mayer H builds concrete-framed Pipia Panorama house on a cliff in Tbilisi

German architecture studio J Mayer H has built a house on a cliff next door to the glass-domed Presidential Palace in Tbilsi. Called Pipia Panorama, the private residence is located in one of the most visible places in the capital of the country of Georgia. Its cliff-top location affords it sweeping views over the city. In […]

Lado Lomitashvili creates cultural hub in Tbilisi with They Said Books shop

Young Georgian designer Lado Lomitashvili has completed a bookstore-cum-cafe in Tbilisi, which he hopes will “raise the quality of taste” in the city. They Said Books sells novels, niche magazines and lifestyle objects, and also has an in-house coffee shop. Lomitashvili’s design is centred around the idea that the shop could support the cultural development of Georgia‘s capital. “They […]

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