FREAKS wraps French warehouse conversion in corrugated steel

Architecture studio FREAKS has clad an old printing warehouse in France shiny corrugated metal cladding and converted it into a research centre for lighting company Sammode. Located in Lamotte-Beuvron close to Orléans, the converted offices combine highly controlled testing areas and well lit work spaces. To achieve this, four wooden boxes clad with spruce house […]

BIG and FREAKS complete looping MÉCA cultural centre in Bordeaux

A huge “urban living room” forms the heart of the looping MÉCA cultural hub, which BIG and FREAKS have completed beside the River Garonne in Bordeaux, France. Named MÉCA, an acronym for Maison de l’Économie Créative et de la Culture en Aquitaine, the 18,000-square-metre centre contains a media library, performance space and art gallery in […]

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