“Sexist advertising for the Escobar phone is everything tech wishes it could still get away with”

Holly Brookwell is unimpressed by the sexiest advertising for the gold folding phone launched by Pablo Escobar’s brother, but is not surprised. Like most people, when I saw the Escobar Fold 1 I thought it was a hoax. But as with many new products in tech, the gold-coloured folding phone bearing the monogram of notorious deceased drug […]

Pablo Escobar’s brother launches gold foldable smartphone in a bid to “beat Apple”

Roberto Escobar, brother of the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar, has launched a gold folding phone using a raunchy campaign featuring women in their underwear. The Escobar Fold One smartphone has a stainless steel case in a brushed gold finish, a flexible screen and a dual camera for taking photos. The screen allows the phone, which […]

The classic flip phone returns as Motorola updates Razr with foldable display

Motorola has thrown its hat into the folding smartphone ring with a revamped version of its Razr flip phone that was first launched 15 years go. The new model of the same name, which will launch in the US in January 2020, mimics the recognisable shape of the 2004 original with a cover that flips […]

Microsoft unveils dual-screen folding Android smartphone

Microsoft has revealed the design of the Surface Duo, a dual-screen Android folding phone, which can be opened down the middle like a book. Two 14.2 centimetre displays can be unfolded to create a small tablet device, which uses Google’s Android instead of Microsoft Windows. The Microsoft Surface Duo has two folding screens Both screens […]

Samsung postpones launch of Galaxy Fold over screen breakages

Samsung has pushed back the launch of its highly anticipated folding smartphone after multiple reviewers reported the screens broke within days. The Galaxy Fold was set to hit the market in the US this Friday, but Samsung said in a statement that it would now carry out further tests and make improvements before announcing a […]

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