Box in Helsinki is designed to be the “perfect” place to pick up online orders

Design studio Fyra has fashioned brightly hued interiors for this hassle-free collection point in Helsinki, which includes a recycling area, fitting rooms and product show space. Situated at the heart of Helsinki, Box is a self-service collection point where locals can retrieve packages they’ve ordered online. It’s the brainchild of Posti – the Finnish postal […]

Black timber and zinc house with sauna sits next to a Finnish lake

A house by Studio Puisto in Finland, sits between a lake and a dense spruce forest and is clad in black-oiled wood and topped by sloping zinc roofs. Called Three Square House, the house in Southern Savonia is made up of three interlocking volumes, with a central building flanked by two smaller spaces. These auxiliary […]

JKMM Architects designs disc-shaped extension to National Museum of Finland

JKMM Architects has designed an extension to Finland’s national museum in Helsinki topped with a white, disc-shaped concrete roof. Finnish architectural studio JKMM Architects’ design was selected from 185 entries in an open competition to create the annex for the National Museum of Finland. The extension will stand within a walled garden alongside the existing Gesellius, […]

Self-sustaining cabins on tiny Finnish island are heated by a sauna stove

Finnish designers Aleksi Hautamaki and Milla Selkimaki have built a self-sufficient summer house on the five-acre island they own on the edge of Finland‘s Archipelago National Park. Called Project Ö, after the Swedish word for island, two cabins on the site house living spaces and bedrooms, as well as a workshop and sauna. In order […]

Finland announces plans to become carbon neutral by 2035

Finland‘s new government has promised to reduce the country’s fossil-fuel consumption and invest in renewable energy sources, after 80 per cent of Finns called for urgent action on climate change. Following elections earlier this year, a new left-leaning government has promised to make Finland carbon neutral by 2035, with the target to be written into […]

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