Noma Studio’s anti-AI mask protects wearers from mass surveillance

Polish design studio Noma has developed a mask that makes the wearer’s face undetectable to facial recognition algorithms used in public surveillance cameras. Ewa Nowak and Jarosław Markowicz, who make up Noma Studio, designed the Incognito mask in an attempt to reclaim the privacy and anonymity that they feel has been lost to face-detecting cameras installed […]

Dominic Wilcox’s periscope glasses grant shorter people a height advantage

London-based designer Dominic Wilcox has created a pair of periscope glasses that allow the wearer to see over the top of people at music events. The One Foot Taller glasses enable users to see approximately 30.5 centimetres above their normal eye level, surmounting the heads of taller attendees who often block the view at events. […]

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