Rama Estudio embeds Casa Patios into rural Ecuadorian landscape

Two stone-walled volumes with grassy roofs are embedded into a rural site in Ecuador to form this house, designed by Quito’s Rama Estudio. Casa Patios is secondary family home located in Lasso, a small rural municipality in the province of Cotopaxi. It comprises two offset volumes that are partially sunken into the landscape, with a […]

El Sindicato builds tiny Casa Parásito on a rooftop in Ecuador

Ecuadorian studio El Sindicato Arquitectura has built a 12-square-metre parasitic structure atop a building in Quito. Casa Parásito, which translates as Parasite House, occupies a small space on the roof of an existing building located in the San Juan neighbourhood of Ecuador’s capital. The house, which attaches to the slab of the existing structure via […]

Wooden shutters shade Edificio Criba apartments in Ecuador by Rama Estudio

Rama Estudio has fronted this apartment block in Ambato, Ecuador with wooden louvres to encourage interactions between residents and passersby. Edificio Criba is located in the residential neighbourhood of San Antonio. Rama Estudio, an architecture firm with offices in Quito, designed the property to improve the area’s street life, which it says has been in […]

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