Air Co launches as “world’s first carbon-negative vodka”

Brooklyn company Air Co has developed a process for making vodka that converts carbon dioxide into alcohol. Air Co claims the spirit is “the world’s first carbon-negative vodka”. “We invented a way to capture excess carbon from the air and turn it into ultra-refined, covetable products,” Air Co said. The co-founders of Air Co vodka, […]

Coca Cola spirit mixers come in the brand’s original bottles

Coca-Cola has released a range of mixers packaged in Hutchinson glass bottles, the design used by the brand in 1894 when the product was first bottled. The Hutchinson bottle used for the Coca-Cola Signature Mixers has a straight-sided silhouette and a bulbous neck. The launch marks the first time that Coca-Cola has re-released the bottle […]

PepsiCo launches drinks dispenser for refillable bottles

PepsiCo has launched a drinks machine, for offices and schools, to give its customers an alternative to using single-use plastic. The machine, which PepsiCo describes as an “integrated hydration platform”, is meant to replace a typical vending machine full of individual bottles of fizzy drink. Instead, users bring their own bottle to fill up from […]

Evian to launch collapsible “bubble” to combat plastic waste

Evian will trial a collapsible water dispenser made of recycled plastic, which is as “thin and light as a bubble” in a bid to reduce its plastic packaging. Called Renew, the at-home appliance, which stores up to five litres of Evian mineral water, contracts when water is consumed, taking on a new shape after every […]

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