AIA denounces Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement

The American Institute of Architects has called for Donald Trump to reverse his “shortsighted decision” to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement amid the global climate crisis. AIA president William Bates issued a statement on Tuesday 5 November, the day after the US president notified the United Nations of America’s withdrawal. “The AIA deplores […]

Satirical Trumpcare IUD comes with hand extensions for extra security and protection

Donald Trump‘s head and hands adorn this IUD, which was created as a commentary on the US president’s regulations of women’s access to birth control services. Trumpcare IUD is a riff on a standard intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD), which is placed inside the uterus as a means of birth control. Created to highlight the tightening […]

Five designs that challenge Trump’s US-Mexico border wall

Following the installation of seesaws across the US-Mexico border wall, we’ve pulled together five examples of projects by architects and designers that respond to US president Donald Trump‘s plans to develop a wall between the two countries. Dining Table by No-To-Scale Studio Rather than building a barrier, Malaysian design office No-To-Scale Studio proposed creating a […]

Rael San Fratell slots pink seesaws into US-Mexico border wall

Architectural studio Rael San Fratello has installed three pink seesaws in between the metal slats of the US-Mexico border wall, so that children on either side can play together. Ronald Rael, who runs Rael San Fratello with architect Virginia San Fratello, posted images and videos of the installation to Instagram yesterday. The shots capture people playing […]

Trump Comb-over watch goes into production following April Fools prank

Swedish company TRIWA is selling a limited-edition watch that features the hair of US president Donald Trump as hands, after the success of an April Fools-day prank. TRIWA received hundreds of requests to produce the watch after publishing it as a joke on 1 April. In response, the brand made the product available for pre-order three […]

Tucker Viemeister’s blacked-out US Flag criticises redacted Mueller Report

American industrial designer Tucker Viemeister has created a graphic that shows the US flag with portions blocked out, to critique the redacted release of the investigation into president Donald Trump‘s collusion with Russia. New York-based Viemeister posted the Redacted US Flag to social media on 20 April, two days after the redacted Mueller Report was released to the public. […]

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