Dutch Design Week exhibition explores “complex networks” of junk

Design Academy Eindhoven alumni studios look at the myriad consequences of junk in a globalised world in an exhibition at the Van Abbemuseum and across the city for Dutch Design Week. Geo-Design: Junk – All That Is Solid Melts Into Trash presents responses to the idea of junk from 18 design studios led by alumni […]

Dorian Renard blows plastic like glass for a collection that reconsiders the material’s value

French designer Dorian Renard has applied traditional glassblowing techniques to a series of plastic furniture and sculptural pieces, in a bid to present the maligned material in a new light. Each of the 14 items in the collection was created entirely from plastic sheets or tubes, which were melted and blown to create warped, undulating […]

Micheline Nahra deconstructs and reconstructs a dining set 

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Micheline Nahra has disassembled a four-person dinner setting and rebuilt it for one person, in a bid to make absence visible. With a set-up originally meant for a group of family or friends now dedicated to a single person, A Dinner for One tells a story of loss. “It’s a signifier […]

Alibaba is redesigning the world’s geography says Design Academy Eindhoven curator

The world’s biggest e-commerce company, Alibaba, is changing the infrastructure of design, manufacturing and retail around the globe, says Martina Muzi, co-curator of the Design Academy Eindhoven exhibition Geo-Design. According to Muzi, the Chinese multinational conglomerate is building new digital, social and logistical networks that are transforming the world’s geography. “Alibaba is more than just a company, or […]

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