Cyberhouse designed for Cybertruck-driving apocalypse survivors

Russian studio Modern House Architecture & Design has taken inspiration from Tesla’s Cybertruck to create the Cyberhouse for a group of apocalypse survivors. The architectural concept was created by Modern House Architecture & Design as a house that would be an appropriate dwelling for a Cybertruck owner. Alex Wizhevsky, chief architect at Modern House Architecture […]

“Cybertruck represents a highly conservative continuation of the status quo”

Tesla’s electric Cybertruck is billed as a radical redefinition of the car, but in fact draws on old-fashioned ideas of escape, argues Elizabeth Bisley, co-curator of the V&A museum’s new exhibition about car design. The prototype for Elon Musk’s Cybertruck was launched in LA just over a week ago at a testosterone-fuelled event in Tesla’s […]

Lego mocks Tesla with “guaranteed shatterproof” brick model of Cybertruck

Toy company Lego has reacted to the launch of Tesla’s Cybertruck be sharing a picture of a car made from a single plastic brick. The Danish toy brand made the simple model car to mock the blocky Cybertruck electric pickup truck, which was unveiled by Elon Musk last week. Lego posted the picture of the car made from a single, blue […]

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