Chilean house Casa 14 by Alvano y Riquelme Architects has “more terraces than interiors”

Alvano y Riquelme Architects has built an angular house on a clifftop in Chile‘s wine region featuring an abundance of outdoor spaces that overlook vineyards. Casa 14 is a one-bedroom home in the Valparaíso region of Chile designed by architects Renzo Alvano and Pablo Riquelme of Alvano y Riquelme Architects. The house perches atop a […]

Guillermo Acuña fronts his remote Chilean retreat with large wooden staircase

Architect Guillermo Acuña has added a wide wooden stair to an old boathouse as part of his self-designed retreat on a remote bluff in Chile. Acuña complete the property on the remote peninsula of Isla Lebe, which is located just off the Chiloe archipelago’s Rilan Bay in the south of Chile. This part of Los […]

Ralf Pasel and students use handmade bricks for boarding house at Bolivia school

Red handmade bricks and corrugated metal form this dormitory at a school in an Andean village in Bolivia, which was designed and built by Berlin architecture students and German architect Ralf Pasel. The Bella Vista Boarding School is located in a village near the town of Cochabamba, which sits in a valley ringed by the […]

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