The top 10 Apple Macs from the Macintosh 512k to the Mac Pro

Owen Hopkins takes a look back at 35 years of the Apple Mac, from the Macintosh 512k to the recently launched Mac Pro. The Mac Pro will be Apple‘s most powerful desktop, and the last major product launched while Jony Ive – who was responsible for so many of the company’s iconic designs – was design lead. […]

Apple rumoured to scrap controversial butterfly keyboard

A top Apple pundit has sparked rumours that the company will stop manufacturing its unreliable butterfly laptop keyboard for its upcoming MacBook computers. Ming-chi Kuo, a financial analyst with sources in Apple’s supply chain in Asia, has reported that Apple will ditch the keyboard due to high production costs. The company first adopted the keyboard […]

Microsoft and Kano partner on build-your-own PC for children

Kids can now build their own fully functional Windows 10 PC tablet laptop, using this powerful new kit by creative-tech toy company Kano. Made possible through a partnership with Microsoft, the Kano PC can run standard Windows 10 applications as well as a suite of original educational tools — once its user has assembled the […]

Apple keeps it simple with new “monster” Mac Pro

Apple has unveiled the new Mac Pro, its most powerful desktop computer to date, contained in a simple aluminium-covered box. Announced yesterday at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California, the processor has been redesigned for the first time in six years. The new Mac Pro is Apple’s most powerful desktop computer The […]

RCA postgraduates create open navigation system inspired by insect eyes

A team of student designers and engineers from the RCA and Imperial College have designed an open-source alternative to GPS, called Aweigh, that does not rely on satellites. Instead, the device calculates a user’s position using the sun – a feature inspired by the polarised vision of insects. Its student makers said that the design […]

Samsung’s minimalist Space Monitor can free up your desk

Dezeen promotion: Samsung has launched a minimalist monitor that has no untidy wires and can fit flat against the wall to increase desk space. With a sleek, minimal design, the Space Monitor promises to boost productivity by freeing up deskspace, allowing users to focus on what’s on the screen rather than what’s around it. “Space […]

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