Zhekai Zhang uses waste coffee grounds to create marble effect on Coffire lamps

Designer Zhekai Zhang has developed a method of staining porcelain with used coffee grounds to mimic the texture of marble, and applied the technique to a collection of lamps called Coffire. The method, inspired by ancient Chinese pit-firing techniques, forms an “imperfect” random texture, meaning each Coffire pendant light is different. The lamps are one […]

Jamie Pybus designs Fungi Factory kit for growing mushrooms in coffee grounds

Northumbia university graduate Jamie Pybus has devised a household system for cultivating edible mushrooms using leftover coffee grounds as a growing medium. Called Fungi Factory, the kit provides a use for the increasing number of coffee grounds that are currently discarded by UK households. Fungi Factory comprises four elements, including a storage container for coffee […]

Mizzi Studio completes stingray coffee kiosk alongside the Serpentine

The Serpentine Coffee House, which Mizzi Studio has created alongside the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park, London, is topped with a roof designed to look like a stingray. Mizzi Studio designed the cafe to be a small landmark structure between the Serpentine Gallery‘s two locations on the main street that passes through Hyde Park. It takes […]

ID:SR converts railway arches into offices for Monmouth Coffee

Interior design studio ID: SR has transformed seven railway arches in south London into offices for Monmouth Coffee, completing workspaces in simple materials that draw focus to the industrial setting. Encompassing all of the brand’s operational facilities, the Monmouth Coffee office plays host to work areas for staff, training facilities, a cafe, and a roastery […]

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