Superflux shows how future homes might face realities of climate change in 2219

Design studio Superflux has built a vision of a typical Singapore home in 2219, with features including homemade hunting tools, snorkelling equipment and a mini hydroponic farm. Superflux founders Anab Jain and Jon Ardern imagine that climate change will completely change the way people live their lives over the next 100 years, as day-to-day survival becomes […]

Nicholas Bennett designs flood-proof commuter suit for rising sea-levels

Goldsmiths student Nicholas Bennett has created waterproof footwear for commuters, that can be integrated into a suit to protect it from the floods that might become our daily reality due to climate change. The project imagines a future where the effects of rising sea-levels have become so inescapable, that solutions need to be integrated into […]

RIBA launches sustainability guide to “deliver real and lasting reductions in carbon emissions”

The Royal Institute of British Architects has published the Sustainable Outcomes Guide to help its members and the wider architecture industry avert the climate disaster. The publication concisely outlines the design principles and performance metrics that the architecture profession must follow in order to achieve a sustainable future. It supports the RIBA‘s 2030 Climate Challenge, an […]

Anne Hardy transforms Tate Britain into a ghostly ruin

Artist Anne Hardy has decorated the facade of London’s Tate Britain gallery to make it look like a temple marooned by rising sea-levels, in a bid to raise awareness about the impact of climate change. Hardy’s installation for the gallery‘s annual winter commission uses tangled lights, tattered banners and other objects to transform the 19th-century […]

BIG and Field Operations design resilient waterfront park for Williamsburg

BIG and landscape architecture firm James Corner Field Operations have revealed plans for a mixed-used development on the waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with a beach that could bolster the resiliency of the shoreline. Revealed today, the River Street Waterfront Master Plan was created by the duo for a plot on Williamsburg’s waterfront that was purchased […]

Foster + Partners launches sustainability manifesto

Foster + Partners has launched a sustainability manifesto that outlines its methodology for designing buildings that will go beyond current environmental certification schemes to meet the demands of the Paris Agreement. The Norman Foster-led studio developed its evaluation methodology, which is outlined in its eight-page manifesto, as it believes that designing buildings to current environmental standards will […]

Architects must plan for “armageddon situations” says Snøhetta’s Kjetil Trædal Thorsen

Climate change is likely to devastate our planet, says Snøhetta co-founder Kjetil Trædal Thorsen. In the second part of an exclusive interview, he tells Dezeen it is “absolutely possible” to create fully CO2 negative buildings. Snøhetta is a pioneer of eco-friendly architecture, with projects including Powerhouse Brattørkaia, which produces twice as much energy as it […]

Heliogen’s 1000C solar-heating technology could be key to low-emission cement

American company Heliogen has managed to concentrate solar energy to temperatures of more than 1000 degrees Celsius – hot enough to provide a fossil-fuel-free way to make concrete. The company creates ultra-high heat using a precisely aligned array of mirrors to focus sunlight onto a single target — a technology it describes as a “multi-acre […]

Six installations that call attention to the climate-change crisis

The United Nations announced this year that there is just over a decade to limit the effects of global warming. Here are six installations by architects, designers and artists that aim to raise awareness of the climate crisis and influence change. Order of Importance, Miami, USA, by Leandro Erlich Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich has created […]

“Demolition is sometimes the best option” says Bartlett professor at Net Zero Carbon talk

Construction experts discuss the ways that the building industry can move towards having zero carbon emissions in this panel discussion filmed by Dezeen for Kingspan at the Building Centre in London. Called Accelerating the Pathway to Net Zero Carbon Buildings, the event was hosted by architectural facade specialist Kingspan and independent research forum New London […]

Eco-Visionaries is the latest exhibition about our destruction of the natural world

Eco-Visionaries at London’s Royal Academy of Arts looks at how art and architecture can help us respond to environmental change, and is the latest in a line of recent large-scale exhibitions on the theme. The show brings together international artists, designers and architects who are confronting environmental issues through their practice, at a critical moment […]

AIA denounces Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement

The American Institute of Architects has called for Donald Trump to reverse his “shortsighted decision” to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement amid the global climate crisis. AIA president William Bates issued a statement on Tuesday 5 November, the day after the US president notified the United Nations of America’s withdrawal. “The AIA deplores […]

“We’re selfish – we’re trying to solve problems for ourselves” says Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

An optimistic vision of the future in an era of climate breakdown is one that doesn’t involve humans, said British artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg at Dezeen Day. During her keynote, Ginsberg questioned why scientists and designers try and create new and “better” life forms and consider relocation to other planets when we have failed to care […]

The “only way to save the world” is to ban land ownership, says Vivienne Westwood

British designer Vivienne Westwood has said that “we haven’t got time to talk about fashion” in light of the climate crisis, and is instead calling for a ban on private land ownership with her One World Rent campaign. In a talk held at the V&A museum during London Design Festival, Westwood spoke about her “sustainability […]

“We fooled ourselves that sustainability was getting us where we needed to go” says Michael Pawlyn of Architects Declare

Architects must urgently go beyond creating sustainable architecture that minimises damage to the planet and design buildings that help repair it, says Michael Pawlyn from Architects Declare. Biomimetic architect Pawyln, who has played a key role in promoting Architects Declare, believes that architecture that “just mitigates negatives” is not going far enough. “We all fooled […]

Creativity in fashion “doesn’t mean creating more stuff”, says Extinction Rebellion’s Sara Arnold

Extinction Rebellion staged a funeral march to close London Fashion Week. Dezeen spoke to organiser and activist Sara Arnold about the need to redefine creativity in the climate crisis, rather than making “more stuff”. Last week, climate activist group Extinction Rebellion staged a funeral procession from London’s Trafalgar Square to 180 The Strand, London Fashion […]

Klaus Littmann plants forest in Austrian football stadium

Swiss art curator Klaus Littmann has planted 300 trees in a football stadium in Austria as a “memorial” to the environment in the anthropocene era. For Forest is replica of a European forest that has been transported to Wörthersee Stadion in Klagenfurt, where visitors can enjoy the spectacle of the leaves changing and falling during autumn. The […]

Think tank to research terraforming earth founded by Moscow’s Strelka Institute

The Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design in Moscow has launched a postgraduate course to research how the earth could be terraformed to reverse the impacts of climate change. Called The Terraforming, the interdisciplinary think tank will research ways in which the earth could be dramatically transformed in the future to return it to a […]

MIT creates battery-free sensor for deep-sea and extraterrestrial exploration

An underwater internet of things monitoring the effects of climate change or sampling waters on distant planets is the dream of a group of MIT researchers who have created a battery-free underwater sensor. The sensor is part of a communications system that avoids a key problem with underwater electronics, which is the pollution from the […]

“The rapid deterioration of Earth’s biodiversity could be reversed equally quickly if we find new ways to design our cities”

Architects must act quickly and cooperatively to change cities and make their environmental good intentions reality, says Doug Voigt, urban design and planning partner at SOM. As the alarm bells have grown louder and more insistent with each new scientific report, organisations including the RIBA and the American Institute of Architects have added their voices to […]

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