University of Hong Kong students invent self-sanitising door handle

University of Hong Kong graduates Sum Ming Wong and Kin Pong Li have designed a door handle that uses light to constantly sterilise itself. Motivated by the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak in the 2000s, Sum and Kin described their “self-sanitising door handle” as a more effective alternative to current chemical-based cleaning processes. Comprised […]

Yujia Bian creates architecture soap for Oslo triennale

Researcher Yujia Bian has cast the word architecture into bars of soap that are being used at the Oslo Architecture Triennale to question the idea of creating pristine works of architecture. The bars of soap have been placed in Oslo’s National Museum of Architecture, one of the venues for the triennale, and will be used throughout […]

Cif ecorefill spray bottles can be refilled with cleaning concentrate

Consumer goods company Unilever has launched Cif ecorefill, a concentrated cleaning product that can be diluted at home within a refillable spray bottle, to reduce plastic use. The Unilever product comes as a 10-times concentrated formula, which requires much less packaging than the regular size bottle. Shoppers buy one spray bottle containing a Cif household cleaning product, which […]

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