St. Margaret’s Eltham Church / Atelier Wagner

St. Margaret’s Eltham Church / Atelier Wagner © Trevor Mein + 28 Architects Atelier Wagner Location Pitt St, Eltham VIC 3095, Australia Category Lead Architects David Wagner, Jacqui Wagner Design Team David Wagner, Jacqui Wagner, Natasha Wheatland, Jo Wheelahan Area 322.0 m2 Project Year 2015 Photographs Trevor Mein Manufacturers Loading… © Trevor Mein Text description […]

Lagares Church / FCC Arquitectura

Lagares Church / FCC Arquitectura © Fernando Guerra | FG + SG | + 57 Architects FCC Arquitectura Location Lagares, Felgueiras, Portugal Category Lead Architects Fernando Coelho, Ana Loureiro Project Team Fernando Coelho, Ana Loureiro, Sérgio Silva, Luís Vieira, Diana Teixeira Area 1615.0 m2 Project Year 2019 Manufacturers Loading… © Fernando Guerra | FG + […]

Helter skelter installed in Norwich Cathedral so visitors can admire its architecture up close

Norwich Cathedral in England has hired a helter skelter so visitors can get a better view of its ornamented roof before sliding down. The 16.7-metre-high fairground ride has been positioned in the nave so that its 12-metre-high viewing platform offers a good view of the medieval cathedral’s vaulted roof. Once they have seen the ceiling, […]

Meck Architekten designs asymmetric ceramic-clad church in Poing

The church of Seliger Pater Rupert Mayer in the town of Poing, near Munich in Germany, is topped with with a ceramic crown clad with 15,000 white, three-dimensional tiles. Munich studio Meck Architekten designed the rectangular church, which can accommodate 220 worshipers, to be a landmark in the growing town. The church dedicated to a German priest […]

Gensler designs Pavilion Notre-Dame as temporary worship space

International architecture firm Gensler has proposed creating a pavilion alongside Notre-Dame as a temporary place of worship following the fire, which destroyed the cathedral’s roof. Situated on the square in front of the cathedral, Pavillon Notre-Dame is designed to host church services and markets for residents and visitors while the 850-year-old cathedral is being restored. Notre-Dame’s […]

Christchurch and Parish Center Kehl / VON M

Christchurch and Parish Center Kehl / VON M © Zooey Braun + 17 © Zooey Braun Text description provided by the architects. The oldest church in Kehl should be established as the central location of the parish by expanding the administration into a multi-functional parish center through the construction of a new parish hall and […]

Berg Arbeidskirke Church / Borve Borchsenius Arkitekter

Berg Arbeidskirke Church / Borve Borchsenius Arkitekter © Vegard Giskehaug + 14 © Vegard Giskehaug Text description provided by the architects. The church is situated in an open landscape on a 2-hectare piece of land, between Berg school and Nevlunghavnveien. The different functions of the church are organized along the axis extended from the access […]

Blankpage Architects designs concrete church in Lebanon to complement 18th-century chapel

Blankpage Architects has built a church with a rooftop amphitheatre in Lebanon, being careful not to overshadow the historic chapel next door. The concrete Saint-Charbel Church is located in Zakrit, a small town over looking the Mediterranean Sea. The church sits alongside a small limestone-vaulted chapel, which was built in the 18th-century. Lebanese studio Blankpage […]

Ástjörn Parish Hall / ARKIS architects

Ástjörn Parish Hall / ARKIS architects © Þorgils G. Gunnþórsson + 25 © Þorgils G. Gunnþórsson Text description provided by the architects. Being the first phase of the Ástjörn church, the parish hall holds the unique status of taking on all of the functions of the parish – church services included. The anticipated second phase […]


San Carlino Church / MARIO BOTTA ARCHITETTI © PinoMusi + 17 Architects MARIO BOTTA ARCHITETTI Location Lake Lugano, Switzerland Category Promoters University of Lugano; Academy of architecture of Mendrisio Construction Management Elio Ostinelli, Chiasso Construction Staff Employment program coordinated by “La Fenice” Association and conducted through the competition of the Canton Employment Offices; the Bellinzona […]

Murten Church / Walser Architekturteam

Murten Church / Walser Architekturteam © Marc Walser + 24 © Marc Walser Text description provided by the architects. Prominent appearance: The new church convinces through its self-confident appearance at this busy location in the industrial area at the edge of the city of Murten. © Marc Walser © Marc Walser The building is divided […]

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