Chiho Cheon creates colourful furniture collection from corrugated cardboard

South Korean designer Chiho Cheon was inspired by Seoul’s homeless population to create this collection of furniture made from lacquered cardboard and cement. Cheon said he developed the concept for the Criteria collection after witnessing homeless people using cardboard boxes for shelter at Seoul Station. The designer felt that people’s status is often connected to […]

Tom Fereday reinvents the traditional breeze block as a versatile building tool

Australian designer Tom Fereday has developed a faceted cement breeze block that can be flipped over and combined in various ways to create angled surfaces. Sydney-based Fereday created the Omni building tool in a bid to “reinvent the traditional breeze block for the modern-day environment”. Omni’s angular profile comprises a wider front and narrower rear […]

MIT researchers develop emissions-free cement production process

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have demonstrated an experimental way of manufacturing cement that releases no carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Currently, the production of cement for concrete accounts for about eight per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, leading to calls for architects to stop using it. However MIT‘s materials scientists are exploring […]

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