CLB situates Queen’s Lane Pavilion between two creeks on remote Wyoming site

Perforated metal screens and glazed walls define the exterior of this low-lying house in the American West, which was designed by CLB Architects to preserve wetlands and wildlife habitat. The Queen’s Lane Pavilion is part of a 180-acre (73-hectare) property in Jackson, a small town in western Wyoming. Over the past 20-plus years, local architecture […]

Carney Logan Burke wraps Dogtrot Residence in weathering steel to blend with Wyoming terrain

A vast prairie and snow-capped peaks serve as a dramatic setting for a home in the American West that Carney Logan Burke Architects designed for a retired couple. The Dogtrot Residence is located near Jackson Hole, a Wyoming town known for its scenic landscape and world-class skiing. The home sits within a rural neighbourhood with […]

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