Chiho Cheon creates colourful furniture collection from corrugated cardboard

South Korean designer Chiho Cheon was inspired by Seoul’s homeless population to create this collection of furniture made from lacquered cardboard and cement. Cheon said he developed the concept for the Criteria collection after witnessing homeless people using cardboard boxes for shelter at Seoul Station. The designer felt that people’s status is often connected to […]

Savannah design studio reimagines cardboard box as chair

After more than a year of prototyping, Savannah studio Don’t Take This The Wrong Way has unveiled its design for a chair that consists of a single cardboard box. In order to make it stand the test of time, it has been carefully “over-engineered” to be resistant to both wear and water. “I think a […]

MAS Architecture Studio’s wind tower keeps visitors cool without air-conditioning

MAS Architecture Studio favoured passive ventilation over high-tech solutions in this installation for Dubai Design Week, which reimagines Emirati wind towers using 480 layers of recycled cardboard. Located in Dubai’s design district, the Barjeel – or wind tower – installation adopts a more traditional approach to air-conditioning than the electrical methods used in the surrounding […]

Nudes creates cafe in Mumbai entirely from cardboard

Indian architecture studio Nudes has built an entire cafe in Mumbai using cardboard to prove its versatility as an environmentally friendly material. Everything apart from Cardboard‘s core, shell and services in the cafe has been made from cardboard. Walls, chairs, tables and even lampshades have all been sculpted from pieces of the corrugated material. The […]

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