Roger Scruton re-instated as chair of the UK housing commission

British philosopher Roger Scruton has returned to the role of chair of the Building Better Building Beautiful housing commission, a role he was sacked from earlier this year. In one of her last actions as the UK’s prime minister, Theresa May offered Scruton his role as chair back on the commission, which is setting out guidelines […]

UK housing commission urges planners to “say no to ugliness”

The Building Better Building Beautiful Commission has urged UK councils to reject “ugly” housing schemes and prioritise car-free developments in its latest report. More weight should be placed on attractive housing developments when giving planning permission, suggests the commission‘s latest report, called Creating space for beauty. The report urges councils to have confidence to “say no to ugliness” […]

Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission gets new chair after Scruton sacking

Create Streets founder Nicholas Boys Smith has been named interim chair of the UK’s Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission, after Roger Scruton’s removal. Scruton was sacked from the role of chair over “unacceptable” comments made in an interview about Hungarian jews, Muslims, and Chinese people. The ministry of housing said that a permanent chair would […]

Roger Scruton fired from housing commission for “completely unacceptable” comments

Chair of the UK government’s Building Better Building Beautiful Commission Roger Scruton has been fired for calling Chinese people “robots” and claiming Islamaphobia was “invented by the Muslim Brotherhood”. Scruton was dismissed as head of the housing commission following the comments. “Professor Sir Roger Scruton has been dismissed as chairman of the Building Better Building Beautiful […]

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