Sunken steel-clad Brexit Bunker built in garden of London house

Rise Design Studio has sunk a weathered steel-clad extension in the garden of a London house as a sanctuary from the UK’s Brexit-dominated political climate. Dubbed the Brexit Bunker, the small studio provides a place to work or relax. Hot-rolled steel, the same material used in the construction of the railway track directly behind the […]

“The creative industries are misreading the public”

With Brexit the British people have shown a greater appetite for risk than the creative sector, which needs to take the public more seriously or risk becoming irrelevant, says Martyn Perks of the Dissenters Design Network. A general election has been called. No one knows exactly what the UK public will do, but they will […]

EU costs same as Netflix say Rem Koolhaas and Stephan Petermann in pro-EU film

Architects Rem Koolhaas and Stephan Petermann have produced a film explaining why, at the same price as a Netflix subscription, EU membership offers value for money to UK citizens. Released by the Guardian to coincide with European elections this week, the four-minute film sets out the benefits of being part of the European Union. The […]

Brexit Party logo “a very clever piece of graphic design” says Design of the Year winner

The Brexit Party will receive a lot of votes in the UK’s upcoming European elections thanks to clever graphic design, says Ben Terrett, the designer behind the award-winning website. In a post on Instagram, the British designer praised the arrow-shaped logo adopted by the newly formed pro-Brexit political party, which is led by former […]

Proposed UK passport design by Mark Noad “truly represents our standing in the world”

With the UK mired in Brexit crisis, this is a good time to revisit this design submitted for our Brexit passport design competition, which seems to sum up how a lot of people feel about the political situation. Designer Mark Noad submitted this humorous series of three passports for a rebranded UK, called the Full […]

Brexit deadlock could be broken with parliament redesign says Axiom Architects

Axiom Architects have proposed a tongue-in-cheek solution to the UK parliament’s Brexit deadlock, which sees the Palace of Westminster transformed into a more open forum for debate. With the House of Commons unable to agree on a deal for the UK leaving the EU, despite numerous votes, British practice Axiom Architects has redesigned the parliamentary building to […]

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