Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg “trying to evoke emotion” with Better Nature show

British artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg‘s solo show at Vitra Design Museum asks questions about our place in the natural world. We look at the six projects on display in the exhibition. Each of the works in Ginsberg’s Better Nature exhibition aims to look at the relationship between nature and technology to investigate why we design […]

Design Miami/Basel explores the anthropocene with Elements: Earth exhibition

Curator Aric Chen has explored how we will use materials in a new geological age, in the headline exhibition for this year’s Design Miami/Basel. Elements: Earth was a group exhibition featuring nine projects relating to the anthropocene – a proposed new age in which humans are the dominant force impacting the earth’s geology. On show […]

Kelly Jazvac presents “beautiful and horrific” plastiglomerate objects at Milan Triennale

Kelly Jazvac is showing pieces of plastiglomerate at the Milan Triennale, a “warning sign” material that is a mix of molten plastic debris and beach sediment. Plastiglomerate is the result of plastic litter melting and merging with the surrounding rocks, shells, sand and other debris to form a lumpen solid sediment flecked with colour. The rock-plastic hybrid […]

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