A Metallic Villadrone movie by Studio MK27 depicts metabolist future city

Brazilian architecture firm Studio MK27 has created this short sci-fi animation that imagines a city in 2100 with drone-powered flying homes, 3D-printed food, and replaceable body organs. Directed by Studio MK27 founder Marcio Kogan, A Metallic Villadrone depicts a city that takes cues from the Japanese metabolism movement, a post-war modernist architectural movement led by […]

Aardman blends puppetry with animation for Coldplay music video

Puppetry and a live action ocean made from cling film are combined with 2D animation in the music video for British band Coldplay’s single Daddy. Directed by Bristol-based animation studio Aardman’s Åsa Lucander, the video tells the story of a girl longing for her father whilst lost at sea. Lucander used the stylised movements of […]

KayaKata creates “audiobook” of videos to accompany their hip-hop tracks

Tbilisi designer Max Machaidze and writer Zurab Jishkariani have produced animated videos to accompany nine music tracks by KayaKata, the hip-hop band they lead. The videos accompany the tracks on the hip-hop duo’s latest album, which they compare to audiobooks or graphic novels. Each animated video has a similar format. A figure with its face obscured […]

Max Hattler turns Hong Kong’s high-rise housing into repetitive animations

Director Max Hattler has turned a series of photos of housing estates in Hong Kong into repetitive animations to create his film Serial Parallels. Hattler created the film to draw attention to the density and repetitiveness of the numerous housing blocks on Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula and in the New Territories. “What struck me most about […]

Strange furry creature stars in ad campaign for The Cunning Little Vixen opera

A furry, fox-like creature moves frantically in this ad, created by branding agency Superunion and animation designer Esteban Diacono for a performance of opera The Cunning Little Vixen. The designers tried to visualise a struggle between man and nature in the motion graphics. Their aim was to capture the emotionally charged spirit of the classic […]

Rafał Barnaś creates an “abstract world built out of paper” for animated film ArchiPaper

Rafał Barnaś has used digital animation to create a world that resembles moving paper cutouts for an upcoming movie, which will tell the story of a house in Poland designed by his brother. Named ArchiPaper: A Surrealist Story About Architecture, the film simulates a paper diorama coming to life. Barnaś combined digital animation with photographs […]

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