Refined Airlander 10 design set to go into production

Hydbrid Air Vehicles has revealed the production-ready design of its Airlander 10 — and said the aircraft once fondly known as “the Flying Bum” might go electric in the near future. Part plane, part airship, the Airlander 10 is the world’s largest aircraft. It went viral during its early testing phase in 2016, when its […]

Airbus’ Bird of Prey aircraft concept features feather-tipped wings

Airbus has unveiled a bird-like concept for a hybrid-electric airliner that aims to show the potential of using biomimicry in aviation design. Inspired by the “efficient mechanics” of birds, Airbus’ Bird of Prey conceptual aircraft features wing and tail structures with individually controlled feather-like tips, which help with control while minimising drag. The concept also […]

KLM and TU Delft aim to make aviation more sustainable with V-shaped aircraft

Dutch airline KLM has teamed up with TU Delft to create the Flying-V aircraft concept, which is designed to consume 20 per cent less fuel than Airbus‘ A350. KLM has signed an agreement to financially support Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in its research and development of the V-shaped aircraft, in a bid to make aviation more sustainable. The aircraft’s […]

“Aviation can be more sustainable than road and rail” says head of Norway’s switch to electric planes

Norway aims to replace fuel-guzzling jets with electric planes on all domestic flights by 2040 as part of its drive to fight climate change. Olaf Mosvold Larsen of state airport group Avinor told Dezeen how they plan to do it. By switching to electric planes, “emissions can be eliminated while emissions from expensive and extensive […]

Lilium aims to operate all-electric air taxis in several cities by 2025

German start-up Lilium has unveiled a five-seater jet-powered electric air taxi prototype that it plans to have operational in a number of cities around the world in the next six years. The company revealed the design of the five-seater Lilium Jet electric aircraft last week and announced that it had completed its maiden flight earlier […]

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