Studio Symbiosis proposes Aũra towers to alleviate air pollution in Delhi

Studio Symbiosis has designed Aũra air purifying towers for Delhi, India, to help tackle the increasingly dangerous levels of pollution in the city. Described by Studio Symbiosis as “breathing lungs of the city”, the Aũra towers have tapered, twisting forms designed to draw in polluted air and expel it in a purified form. The proposal […]

Daan Roosegaarde and design students create a “smog-eating billboard” in Mexico

Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde has covered advertising billboards in Monterrey, Mexico in an air-purifying resin that can eat up the city’s smog. The billboard advertisements are coated with a special resin that, when hit by sunlight, prompts a photocatalytic process to turn smog into clean air. “This project proposes to take advantage of existing city […]

NotAnotherOne creates wearable air quality tracker called Atmotube

Design studio NotAnotherOne has designed a portable air quality monitor that clips onto your bag to test local pollution levels. Atmotube is a discreet black device made from plastic with aluminium details, that weighs less than 100 grams and can be easily attached to a bag or item of clothing so that it travels with […]

IKEA launches homeware made from rice straw to help reduce India’s smog problem

IKEA will launch a collection of home accessories made from rice straw that would otherwise be burnt by India’s farmers and pollute the air. Called Förändring, which means change in Swedish, the homeware collection comprises around 15 lampshades, vessels and mats made using a variety of techniques that use up leftover rice straw. The collection […]

Madrid could scrap low-emissions zone despite air quality improvements

A major plan to reduce air pollution in Madrid may be repealed, because incoming politicians want to bring back traffic back into the city. Isabel Díaz Ayuso of Spain’s right-wing Partido Popular (PP), who is expected to become president of the Madrid region, said that traffic jams are part of what make the Spanish capital […]

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