Adam Nathaniel Furman’s HK furniture collection is inspired by a friendly cyclops

London designer Adam Nathaniel Furman has teamed up with Scottish surfaces manufacturer Mirrl to develop a furniture collection informed by Japanese lacquerwork and a folkloric one-eyed boy. The Glasgow-based company worked with Furman to examine alternative applications for its solid surface material, which is more typically used for tabletops, kitchens, bathrooms and cladding. They settled […]

Adam Nathaniel Furman’s latest furniture collection is a “bourgeois’ nightmare”

London designer Adam Nathaniel Furman has collaborated with Abet Laminati to create a three-piece collection of unusually shaped and boldly coloured furniture for Camp Design Gallery. The collection, titled Three characters in the Second Act: The Royal Family, comprises two large cabinets, called Benevolente and Solidale, and a chair, named Gioioso. Each of the pieces […]

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